Wowzer. The right-wing in Britain really are upset about Corbyn’s reception at Glastonbury, aren’t they?!? It’s literally all they’re talking about, and how “disgraceful” it was. No-one more so than the petulant buffoon that is Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson. The only UK politician who might conceivably still need a nappy.

With all the needless death and tragedy that’s occurred in Britain recently, not to mention the appalling political mess caused by this hapless government, it’s good to know where the Conservative Party, and particularly Boris Johnson draw the line at what they consider ‘alarming’ and/or disgraceful.

No Boris. Shall I tell you what’s disgraceful, you simpering w*nk-goblet??

A robotic and inhumane leader who defies political process, hides from the press, and lacks even basic human empathy. A political party whose policies have been condemned by both the European Court of Human Rights and the British High Court. A party offering nothing but insults and supercilious sneering to any who challenge them.

A party that sucks up to and reveres Donald Trump. A party who bow and scrape before the likes of Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre. A party who’ve been under continual investigation for illegal campaign overspending. A party who appease and enrich tyrannical killers from the Philippines to Saudi Arabia. A party that pursues the bombing of foreign nations, then demonises the refugees fleeing. A party that endorses inhumane blood-sports, and the ivory trade.

A party that awards itself pay-rises, while inflicting austerity on everyone else. A party that persecutes the elderly and disabled. A party that devalues teachers, doctors, nurses, police and firefighters etc, but encourages bankers and businesses that propagate consumer debt. A party who condemn their own people to poverty, watching them starve. A party that gradually strips away their NHS, and the public services that protect them.

A party that allowed bigotry and racism to infect our island, and used our European brothers and sisters as bargaining chips. A party that spent £1bn of tax-payer money to buy off religious fanatics just to cling to power – risking not only the peace agreement in Northern Ireland, but exposing Britain to backward and regressive policies more at home in medieval times.

A party that appointed Boris-feckin-Johnson as Foreign Secretary.

Now THAT is truly ‘disgraceful’.

Hey Jealousy

It’s just so pathetic. No Tory walking the face of the earth could inspire the masses to such a degree as Corbyn did at Glastonbury. It’s just plain bitterness. If the Tories could rally that kind of support, I guarantee they’d milk it for absolutely every ounce of PR they could get. A country-mile from graciously just moving on, and getting on with the task at hand like Corbyn has.

Funny. To think it was only a few weeks/months ago the right-wing hammered Corbyn for being un-popular: saying nobody would vote for him, that Labour were finished etc. Jeering “who are you?” in the House of Commons. Those poor Tories want cake, and to eat it too.

One thing’s for certain. They’re not jeering “who are you?” any more.

Envy is never an attractive emotion. We all feel it sometimes; it’s how one behaves in the face of it that counts. ‘Dignity’ used to be a British trait, but as always, the Tory reaction hails from the gutter.

Bring out the gimp

The Tories weren’t alone. Yet again, the Derek Trotter of British politics had something to say:

This. From the guy who’s received more airtime than ANYONE in the past few years, and continues to receive disproportionate media attention even though his party no longer have even a single seat in the House of Commons. A guy who got rich off the back of the European parliament he smeared and tried to destroy, not to mention his multi-national business interests. A guy who having widely crowed he was retiring, has now been ‘begrudgingly’ resurrected to invigorate his once merry gang of purple-bannered morons. Nigel Farage, who recently had a virtual breakdown live on his LBC talk show, petulantly stamping his feet because he hadn’t been made an honorary ambassador to the White House.

Get over it guys. Corbyn is popular. Your smear failed. And now you have to battle him on equal terms, acknowledging what he actually says (not simply what YOU have to say about him).

On the plus side, at least we now know what to call a collective of Tories. A ‘cackle’ of hyenas. A ‘knab’ of Toads. A ‘float’ of crocodiles.

A ‘tantrum’ of Tories.

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