BBC Two’s Victoria Derbyshire this morning posed the question to both viewers and panellists: “what matters to ethnic minority viewers?”

The debating panel all hailed from ethnic minority backgrounds themselves – it was both pleasing, and fairly remarkable to see people actually affected by the issues given a public forum to discuss, rather than watching wealthy upper class (and typically white) politicians grandly postulate on their behalf.

I had it on in the background at home, only giving it about 50% attention. But then a brave and truly amazing woman spoke up, interrupting the obviously wealthy Tory supporter spewing out his “strong and stable” robotic nonsense. The lady’s words and spirit quite literally stopped me in my tracks.

Basically, she said what many many people across this country know to be true:

I’m really sorry, I don’t want to interrupt, but I really don’t think Mrs May has everybody’s best interests at heart. I absolutely do not believe that this woman has any interest in securing the lives, the economic lives, the financial lives of anybody else in this country apart from those like her, that come from her world, from her financial background, from her societal backgrounds. She absolutely does not have the interests of the regular people like myself and my next-door neighbours at heart. Absolutely not.


I understand that everybody has different thoughts and everybody has a right to think what they want, and choose who they want who best represents them, but I simply cannot fathom how anybody could think that Theresa May has the best interests at heart of everybody in this country.

Her words were incredibly passionate: with a thinly veiled fury restrained only by her sense of etiquette – our inherent ‘Britishness’. Eg: not wanting to embarrass ourselves, or God forbid, speak from the heart and become emotional.

However, anyone could see how deeply she believed what she was saying. Principled people telling the truth encapsulate a certain energy and spirit that liars and swindlers rarely do. And as much as she struggled to hide them, you could see the tears welling in her eyes. She tried to disguise it as a cough, clearing her throat, but the raw emotion was there for all of us watching to see.

That’s why it will resonate for so many. That sense of being ‘on the edge’ – powerless. Somewhere between ‘angry’ and ‘hopelessly bemused’ by all that’s occurring around us today; on the verge of breaking down in tears. The economic uncertainty, continual lies and spin, the barrage of media manipulation, venom and hatred everywhere you look… it’s taken its toll on a good many I’d guess. It’s certainly not the Britain I was born into, that’s for sure.

However, if we’re going to try and focus on the good, let’s applaud this wonderful woman for having the gumption to speak up so honestly, and in such a heartfelt manner. She got to say what so many would desperately like to, live on a BBC topical debate – a platform which let’s face it, desperately needs to represent a wider selection of voices. She spoke with grace and dignity, and represented the very ‘Best of British’ in ways most Westminster politicians could only dream.

‘Kim Jong-May’ is too scared to face off to the leader of the opposition in a live debate (she’s a snivelling coward). But she’s also too scared to go out and speak to the public, and instead has to stage her own support – cherry-picking reporters at press conferences. Perhaps it’s understandable? After all, she could well end up having to face off with someone like this.

How “strong and stable” would she look then, I wonder?

Watch a snippet of the discussion below:


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