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Born and raised in London, Alex is former lead singer of 'The Australian Pink Floyd', and worked internationally as a professional actor and musician for fifteen years - including performing alongside Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen in the West End show 'We Will Rock You'. When not belting out rock music, Alex is a tenacious debater and lover of history, a proud cynic, and a fairly frank commentator. He strongly identifies with the principles of Humanism, freedom of speech, social economic justice, and an unencumbered press that doesn't always 'toe the line'.


Question Time NHS Privatisation Margot James

WATCH: Furious audience members call out Tory MP over stealth...

The general public's anger at the Tories' catastrophic mismanagement of the NHS boiled over into full blown rage on Question Time last night after...



Donald Trump has just CANCELLED his UK Visit - and he blamed Barack Obama

Donald Trump has just CANCELLED his UK Visit, blaming Barack Obama

US President Donald Trump has cancelled his proposed visit to Britain amid worries of a monumental backlash against the trip from members of the...


The Tories are trying to force compulsory exams on 4 & 5 year old kids in Reception

The Tories are trying to force compulsory exams on 4 &...

The Tories intend on rolling out compulsory tests for all children within the first 6 weeks of them starting primary school. They propose that...