BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn is to make a speech ‘Mélenchon style’ tomorrow evening (Tuesday 6th June) via video feed – speaking directly to Labour party members attending rallies up and down the country.

There are no plans for the Labour leader to appear by hologram; it’s unlikely to focus on gimmick aspect, but instead on the opportunity for Corbyn to address all Labour members simultaneously. A chance for him to rouse hearts and minds one last time in these critical final days, before a General Election that will decide the fate of the UK for a very long time.

Labour members… check your emails

Reputable sources say the rallies will be attended by key Labour party and shadow cabinet members, as well as high profile artists/musicians and celebrities who’ve openly supported Corbyn’s leadership – with live music performances planned for some too.

At least one of the rallies will take place in Scotland, and another in Warrington, Northwest England – though there are plans for up to six dotted around the country. Corbyn’s speech is planned for streaming between 7-8pm.

Labour party members should keep their eyes peeled for an email today – providing more information, and informing them of their nearest rally. Please do make sure to attend if you can.

THIS is what a leader looks like. A man willing to stand tall, and to speak with every one of us. Not someone who hides away, avoiding the cameras, dodging any and all scrutiny – sending bereaved minions in his place.

One last push

Come on people, we can do this! Let’s put the hatred and division in Britain back in its odious little box where it belongs!

Let’s make these rallies in these final days a celebration of all that’s good in our country. Just like the ‘One Love For Manchester’ concert yesterday: an event that shone like a true beacon of hope in the darkness. More unites us than divides us. Let’s not allow deceit to decide the future of our great nation. And let’s make a clamour of approval that Theresa May and her motley crew could only dream about. 


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