In what the mainstream media apparently consider a ‘minor’ item of ‘regional news’, a separatist terrorist group in Cornwall have reportedly claimed responsibility for the firebombing of a prominent local restaurant.

Rick Stein’s fine-dining seaside restaurant in Porthleven was attacked on June 12th. According to many sources, a blog by the ‘Cornish Republican Army’ (formerly known as the ‘Cornish National Liberation Army’, or CNLA) has now acknowledged one of their members was behind it, and also boasted:

Our organisation has grown and we now have one member who is prepared to pay the ultimate price in the battle for Kernow (Cornwall). She is prepared to sacrifice herself, although we shall not ask for this lightly – only as a last measure.

The group seems to be alluding to the existence of a willing ‘suicide bomber’ in their ranks. And one cannot help but question what that “last measure” might be, and/or what it will supposedly be in response to. Arguably just as disturbing was the group’s promise of further attacks:

We have ceased activities against Stein and (Jamie) Oliver, but our activities against second and expensive English owned homes will continue.

The group ultimately calls for Cornwall’s independence of the British government, and strongly opposes European and foreign integration. Their boldness has undoubtedly been fuelled in recent times by Brexit, and the unapologetic hostility unleashed by a wave of new ‘British nationalism’. The group, who were believed dormant until claiming responsibility for this attack and two others in Truro and Penryn, even adopt the Celtic cross as their flag – an image popular with aggressive Nationalists and far-right extremists:

Media silence 

This should be a fairly huge news story. One can only imagine the coverage if an Islamic terrorist group had threatened such actions against British people and businesses, let alone actually carried them out. It would be on every TV channel and in every newspaper; yet the media coverage has been nothing short of pitiful.  

The reason the establishment are downplaying this ‘terrorist attack’ is it doesn’t fit with the agenda and definition of what ‘terrorism’ is. Eg: a political tool. It doesn’t serve their purpose to show how the attitudes and sentiments they’re stoking are breeding exactly the same sort of callous disregard for law and human life they’re supposedly reactive to. Because if they did, peaceful and democratic people on the right might surely soon recognise the dangers of the hostilities they’re unwittingly encouraging.

Western peoples are appalled by Islamic terrorists, even though like it or not, the motives behind such terror attacks often reside in the unmitigated slaughter of innocent Islamic people, in turn often committed and/or aided by Western governments:

Meanwhile in contrast, a separatist group in Cornwall felt justified to firebomb a building because they oppose capitalism, and didn’t like a posh restaurant chain. The motives and causes of spite behind their violence and that of other terrorists are quite simply worlds apart. One comes from genuine horror and suffering, the byproduct of unspeakable crimes against humanity: hearing of loved ones and family members butchered by drone strikes in foreign lands. The other stems from essentially ‘disgruntlement’.

That’s not to belittle causes of ‘disgruntlement’. I do not suggest the anger and unhappiness of people in this country are not serious issues requiring redress. But really – let’s be honest – the sort of people who go out and commit these crimes are just looking for an excuse. That kind of violence and hatred is generally either inside you, or it isn’t – and that stands true for both left and right wing extremists. What is so dangerous now within the UK is such people feel empowered. ‘Morally justified’. Because they’ve seen their sentiments are now palatable, Pandora’s Box has been well and truly opened. And this is just the beginning.

Take a look around

Anyone who’s ventured onto social media knows that the racist/xenophobic taboo is no longer a taboo. Poison is rampant since Brexit – and Trump’s subsequent inauguration. Hatred is tangible and bubbling away beneath the surface. And while the actions of small groups like the Cornish Republican Army are only at present small fringe groups, they are growing in influence exponentially – and in fairness, the Islamic extremists committing atrocities are similarly ‘only’ small fringe groups too. If we’re going to perpetuate the fear of their actions and demand rectification, we should surely be doing the same regarding the new stint of right-wing, white supremacist groups as well.

The ‘Cornish Republican Army’ no doubt changed their name from the ‘CNLA’, to seem more like the more widely recognised and infamous ‘Irish Republican Army’ – the IRA. Such inference clearly shows the group wishes to be taken seriously, especially in their desire to break up the UK – and the fact they use the Celtic cross also harks back to a time before Britain was conquered by ‘pesky’ Europeans (eg: the Romans, and later the French/Normans). When the British Isles were a collection of federate tribes.

Take a look around. Really look. Not just at the larger more prominent geopolitical news stories, such as Britain voting by a whisker to isolate itself from Europeans it’d sided with since the Second World War, or a grossly incompetent and truly despicable individual like Donald Trump taking the White House. Look at more subtle changes. A few years ago, UKIP were generally despised and ridiculed, and individuals like Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins were generally scorned as the hateful, insidious people they are. Now they have radio shows, and are regarded in the US as the ‘voice of the British people’. We have Tommy Robinson appearing on GMTV. The only reason UKIP are now insignificant is because the Tories have unbelievably become UKIP. And many decent, formerly reasoned people within the Conservative party seem to have just accepted this new way of things.  

Mainstream politicians both here and in the US have become openly scornful of any who challenge them, proudly posturing with odious and unacceptable sentiments on their social media pages that only a few years ago would have ended their careers. They oppress the media, either locking them in the cupboard and/or not inviting them like Theresa May, or silencing them at press conferences and distributing videos inciting they should be beaten up (like Donald Trump). We are truly only a whisper away from journalists being ’rounded up’ – like they have been in countries like Turkey, the Philippines, and Saudi Arabia. Countries we’re in bed with. And both leaders have prominently suppressed and censored enquiries into aspects of their governance the electorate have a right to know as well.

Going backwards

There was already the issue of Scottish independence, and another narrowly lost ‘referendum’. Now the troubles in Northern Ireland and the question of Irish independence are again headed into perilous territory: the seed of British Imperialism in Northern Ireland has been emboldened (the DUP), and also handed vast resources with which to potentially scupper the tenuous balance of power with Sinn Fein. Hand in hand with that comes the unwelcome influence of regressive policies and agenda in mainstream British politics; policies that many of us believe belong in the Dark Ages. Not only are secular ethics under threat, but even Nepotism now rears its head once again in the US of all places – the supposed ‘Land of the Free’.

Many in the north of England have commented for years, perhaps partially in jest, they’d be free of ‘Westminster rule’. Factions in Wales too have made known aspirations to being self-governed: though generally the issue is less prone to fury and violence over there than in Ireland, or even Scotland. But of the ‘British’ nations the former Kingdom of England conquered, Wales have been united with England the longest historically – which perhaps explains it to a degree.

But now, we even have ‘separatist groups’ springing up in corners of the country like the southwest and Cornwall. This ‘disgruntlement’ and division of the past two years is on the verge of splintering our country to pieces. For the first-time in my 38 years alive, ‘Anarchy in the UK’ is more than a song by The Sex Pistols – it’s a feasible possibility.

It all smacks of the Wars of the Roses, or the English Civil War. Periods when this country was utterly divided, and each region of Britain was hostile to just about every other. We have a government that simply doesn’t care what we think. At the same time, the once ‘United Kingdom’ itself is splintering off from the European community it spent centuries warring with. Things do not look good for the future peace and prosperity of this country, not on present course. And sadly, any study of history tells us what happens next. Angry hostile and divided peoples inevitably end up at war. Who it will be among, or where the battles will be fought are yet to be determined, but it all seems to be headed in one definitive direction.

That truly terrifies me.

“Look back over the past, with its changing empires that rose and fell, and you can foresee the future, too.” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor (121-180 AD).

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