Many of us are still reeling today from news that Theresa May has slithered her way back into Downing Street: by forging an alliance with an oppressive far-right party of ill-repute across the Irish Sea. And despite the fact Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour dramatically surpassed expectation, quite literally overturning the single majority government the Tories already had, the media and various Tory mouthpieces are already hard at work trying to portray his campaign as a miserable failure.

Tories crow they won the battle. And that they did. But only just, and only by a disgusting, deplorable, insidious ruse. (The kind of minor ‘detail’ that rarely matters to Conservatives.) But really, considering the £3.88m of lies, abuse, propaganda and media slur thrown at Corbyn since the snap election announcement alone, and the fact only a few weeks ago we were all expected to believe he was quite literally the world’s ‘biggest loser’ – what Corbyn’s actually achieved is frankly, little short of a miracle.

The questions remains

The question still burns away at many of us though. How did so many people in this country still vote for such an ethically-barren party?

Sadly, the answer is often clear. They’re living on another planet. (Or hail from one.)

Such as this one particularly warped gentlemen on BBC Question Time this evening. When he finally got his little ‘pitch’ for the camera, he came out with some of the most ludicrous statements I’ve ever ever heard on one of these shows. And that’s really saying something: they often seem to showcase lunatics on day release from Jeremy Kyle’s dungeon. But wow, these comments really took the biscuit:

So now I’m going to slag off all the people who voted for Jeremy Corbyn. There haven’t been any cuts. Every year public expenditure is going up ten or twenty billion. There hasn’t been any austerity. The government spends an enormous amount, it goes up every year. Jeremy Corbyn is a very angry misguided person who actually appears to believe there’ve been cuts. Compared to David Cameron? David Cameron was a reassuringly dishonest character.

Truly unbelievable. A sentiment apparently shared by the lady sitting next to him:

This pompous Tim Nice-but-dim character seems to think because HE has not seen any evidence of hardships across Britain, they don’t exist. He seems to believe every lie and bit of spin regurgitated to him by the newspaper he undoubtedly has delivered every day (The Telegraph at a guess.) Jeeves probably brings it in in the morning, along with his slippers and hunting rifle. Tim takes no account of cuts that undermine any positive ‘spin’ of ‘increased funding’. He takes no account of inflation, of increasing real-world costs, of the crashing pound, of growing populations, of where money is being directed and to whom… none of this matters. As long as when he takes a day-trip into London, he doesn’t need to physically see the blighters. Out of sight out of mind and all that.

“Reassuringly dishonest”

But what I personally find most creepy about this guy’s inane, utterly selfish comment, is the last bit. He’s attempted to argue that Theresa May hasn’t inflicted any cuts, certainly “not compared to David Cameron”. But he qualifies that by describing Cameron as “reassuringly dishonest”.

That to me, says this guy feels “reassured” by cuts. He’s “reassured” by the idea that the poor and vulnerable in this country are fed into a metaphorical meat-grinder. He’s “reassured” by the notion that in the wake of something like the London and Manchester terror attacks, we could have had even less resources available for the emergency services. Or that when a poor family’s young child falls ill, they should just ‘make do’ if they can’t afford medical treatment. It makes him feel all warm and cosy inside.

In this warped individual’s mind, that is probably the equivalent of ‘natural selection’. But a natural selection decided by money and social standing – not wit or guile. Because if they were the determining factors, this guy would already have been digested by something much bigger and much smarter. (And likely pooped back out.)

Watch the audience member’s comments below:

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