On the final day of canvassing before the general election tomorrow, Jon Snow – the much beloved political correspondent of Channel 4 – called out Theresa May publicly on Twitter. The Prime Minister had refused his request to interview her, and was the first in Snow’s career to do so:

People were appalled. Rightly so. Even for a Prime Minister who’s dodged the press… threatened internet freedoms… dabbled in back room deals with the overlords of Tabloid Britain… refused to debate or face other political leaders… even for Kim Jong May, this seemed a step too far.

So as with everything else she does, she u-turned. She gave Snow the interview at the eleventh hour.

In fairness, we should probably applaud our mighty overlord for making herself in the least bit accountable… but still, another u-turn is another u-turn. And good on Channel 4 and/or Jon Snow for calling her out. Channel 4 have proved themselves the only terrestrial UK TV channel not willing to ‘toe the line’, and we should be thankful for their efforts.

Computer says “no”

As one might predict, Kim Jong May’s performance was robot-like, avoided the questions – and simply spooled out the sort of dross rhetoric she probably rehearsed in front of her magic ‘mirror mirror on the wall’ all morning.

At one point, in answer to a pertinent question, she even pulled out the old “strong and stable” mantra. Really. I genuinely yelled at my screen “oh no she didn’t!” I can’t say I seriously thought she could get away with that one any more. Not without severe ridicule any way. Well, at least now she rotates it with “Corbyn won’t shoot to kill” – another catchy catchphrase. 

There’s also, to my ears, the faint hint of a cracking voice/vocal yodel at moments. Perhaps it’s tiredness? Perhaps it’s stress? Perhaps it’s the exhaustion of telling continual lies. Or evil’s way of seeping out and escaping through a larynx.

Let’s be honest… Snow didn’t exactly go hard on her. He didn’t, for example, ask any questions about Saudi Arabia. Or their alleged funding of ISIS. He didn’t do a Paxman, and shout at her like a mad dog. He’s a nicey-nice interviewer, even when cross. Even so, May was as fragile and over-rehearsed as can be.

Compare the two candidates. Absolutely anyone who’s watched Corbyn in recent interviews can see he’s calm, relaxed, and a real human being. He listens. He responds. He is polite, and amicable. He can make a joke. He can even laugh at himself. He has shown himself un-phased by an endless and psychotic torrent of media abuse/smear for two plus years. Abuse that would have defeated a lesser man a hundred times over, and possibly put them in lifelong therapy. Unlike tin-pot dictator May, Corbyn doesn’t wobble and u-turn continuously, he has stood firm by his principles his entire career. And that’s why maybe… just maybe, he might defeat the odds stacked against him. 

He’s exactly who this country needs right now. Especially if we end up dragged to a Brexit negotiating table. (Grrrrrrr.) It should be a no-brainer, for any but the blind and hopelessly indoctrinated. Do the right thing Britain.

And drag those young’uns to the polling booths – by the scruff of their necks if necessary.

Watch May’s interview with Jon Snow below:

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