Yet again, our once peaceful and liberal British society has been rocked by the savagery of mindless killers. This time, in the heart of London, on a Saturday night. We at Evolve Politics send our deepest sympathies to all the victims of this heinous tragedy. Not only the friends and families of those senselessly killed or physically injured, but to the countless late-night revellers caught up in it all – who will probably carry the trauma of last night’s events with them for some time.

In among all this horror and catastrophe, not to mention the disastrous gatecrashing of what must sadly still be deemed a pretty darn important consideration (that pesky general election in a few day’s time), one particular ‘journalist’, Andre Walker – who is a political correspondent based at the House of Commons and writes for The Observer – decided it was appropriate to tweet THIS:

Yes, that’s right. The morning after a terrorist attack in which knife-men attacked Londoners indiscriminately, one of those guys who reports your MSM news from the House of Commons egotistically posed on the banks of the Thames, with the London Eye in the background, swinging a sword around. (Which I imagine is fairly illegal in itself.)

Master of the Universe

It’s smacks of a child jumping around pretending to be He-Man. Ridiculously pathetic. But also wholly inappropriate, crass, and insensitive under the circumstances. Such a human being wouldn’t honestly be worthy of our attention, were it not for the fact THIS is someone directly responsible for relaying political discourse.

Unbelievably, the thoughts and interpretations of such an individual will be read by many as ‘news’. While independent websites such as ours are harangued for supposedly being ‘partisan’ and ‘unprofessional/unqualified’ etc, you’ve literally got people like this representing the MSM: fully grown man-boys capitalising on human horror and suffering as good opportunity for a profile-boosting selfie.

Andre Walker is an American reporter and columnist, writing for The New York Observer. The same Observer that was recently handed over as a “gift” to President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. (You know, the guy who’s gonna sort out the Israel/Palestine conflict.)

Walker has 78,000 followers on Twitter alone.

Trying to ‘look hard’

At best, Walker’s just a loser trying to ‘look hard’ with a sword. At worst, he – as someone in a position to disseminate ideas – was arguably inciting people to ‘take up arms’ against any they might deem to fit a crude “#ISIS terrorist” mantle.

In a later tweet, Walker continued with his supposed ‘machismo’:

One of Walker’s ‘fans’ only too happily obliged Dave’s suggestion:

Ah yes… how funny it all is.

Now I’m one of the biggest Star Wars freaks around… I love a good Jedi gag. But this is NOT the time. And this is not a f**king joke.

The real joke

The real joke in this instance, is Theresa May being allowed to spool to the British people that we’ve “become too tolerant of Islamic extremism”. While her government meanwhile SELLS weapons to Islamic extremists who fund the organisations behind these attacks. It is the most ridiculous, nonsensical line of argument, and we’re absolute fools even for listening to it.

What happens when a politician or speaker stands up to point this out? Amber Rudd, or another relevant Tory overlord will have you silenced, simply for stating the truth. Don’t believe it? Watch this video.

Delete the evidence

Twitter’s reaction to Mr Walker’s inane and puerile Tweets were vicious and free-flowing. I think I even had a pop or two myself:

But Andre Walker, being the sharp-minded professional ‘journalist’ he is, probably realised (albeit too late) what a complete tool he looked. And/or that he’d possibly get into trouble for waving a sword about. So he deleted his original tweet.

Clearly Walker’s idea of accountability is to try and delete the evidence, and to hope for the best. (A Tory mantra if ever there was one.) Unfortunately for him, there’s also people out there who pay attention, in the habit of taking screen-grabs. 

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