Across the country, more than a few media pundit’s pants are on fire.

Having spent the best part of two years and incalculable media resources brainwashing the British public, deluging them with stories depicting Jeremy Corbyn as a complete loser and some kind of Marxist anti-christ, it seems the wide-reaching and effectual Tory/MSM bluff might be coming undone.

Despite the relentless slurs and damning polling forecasts, all the snide mockery in the House of Commons, all the suggestions he and his party are broken and unelectable, Corbyn’s party have just achieved nothing less than an historic win at the very centre of our nation’s powerhouse and financial hub, the City of London. At possibly the most critical time in our nation’s modern history.

Labour won five of the eight seats it contested on the affluent council, which is traditionally made up of independent, supposedly non-party-affiliated candidates.

According to Reuters:

“Britain’s main opposition party, lagging far behind the Conservatives in national opinion under its current leader, veteran socialist Jeremy Corbyn, has had its best ballot box result in the City ever, after fielding eight candidates for the lower house of the local authority’s two-chamber council.”

At the time of writing, Reuters are the only outlet to have even covered this landmark news, other than the little known, and somewhat specialist publication, CityA.M.

Compare this to the media frenzy and unbridled sniping that occurred when Labour recently lost their seat in Copeland. Predictably, that loss was unequivocally put down to ‘catastrophic failures’ of the Labour leader, and kicked off yet another round of ‘coupage’ (if I may be allowed to coin a word, fit for purpose).

Yet when Labour do make progress, when the party “challenges City bankers on their home turf”, or when thousands of people turn out to support Jeremy Corbyn (way more than any other mainstream UK politician could ever dream of) in cities such as Hull, Liverpool, Sheffield, as well as London, the comparative silence of our press and mainstream media is simply inescapable. It cannot be denied. He’s still just the same ‘unelectable’, ‘incompetent’ and grossly unpopular old fart, right?

Why is that? What possible reason could there be? I for one am yet to hear any explanation or argument why a virtual media blackout is justified whenever Labour make a gain, but absolutely any loss or blunder should unleash a salient whitewash of derision and party destabilisation.

Every single time, without fail.

You’ve got to smell a rat after a while. Even in light of the horrific London attack on 22 March, at least one of the main papers should have reported this win in the city. Indeed, many have aired concerns on social media that coverage of this tragedy could be simultaneously used as a political tool to quash, or at least drown out, any notions of effective debate and/or dissent. It gives Theresa May a convenient platform to effectively do what she likes from here on out, unopposed. I certainly haven’t seen another story on any other UK news channel since the attack on our home soil took place. So instead of discussing the cliff-edge of Article 50 and the potential break up of our United Kingdom looming over us like a thundercloud, we’re instead discussing things like whether we should now arm the police force, or perhaps move a step closer to Orwell’s vision of a security/surveillance state as laid out in Nineteen-Eighty-Four.

It should be noted, even the Reuters article that did report on Labour’s success, also managed to skew it into something negative – taking the arguably bizarre decision to end on a quote from one of their own former journalists, Brian Mooney. Somehow, the ‘independent’ councillor manages to take a snipe at Corbyn in an article specifically reporting on a Labour gain:

“There is scant support in the Square Mile for Jeremy Corbyn and his followers. There is no enthusiasm in a predominantly pro-business ward, such as Queenhithe, for idealistic but old fashioned cooperative socialism.”

The irony being, this election result of course perhaps proves the exact opposite.

There is a simple answer, of course. Corbyn’s supporters, and perhaps others too certainly recognise the truth, even if nobody dares whisper it in print. Corbyn is categorically the only politician roaming the halls of Westminster who actively acknowledges the root of a simply cataclysmic problem, ie: that the tabloid press and mainstream media hold far too much sway over political agenda in this country. That they quite literally manipulate the populace and public opinion to enact what makes their individual businesses and interests thrive. Insidious individuals like Rupert Murdoch, the veritable godfather of misinformation who virtually runs the show both here and in the US, a man who keeps politicians and public figures in his pocket like a little black book of go-to booty-calls. Anyone and everyone knows that any aspiring politician must fear him, and all must pay homage. So they all do, in one way or another.

All but one, anyway.

Sometimes, the most obvious answer really is the answer.

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