18th April 2017. The day the gauntlet was laid down for the future of British politics.

Ironically, only last night I wrote on Facebook I was probably going to take a break from political stuff for a while. The sheer number of battles and geopolitical earthquakes flying at us now on a daily basis, all the aggression and anger bubbling away behind any political discussion or debate…it’s exhausting. I’ve found myself envying those who just bury their heads in the sand and pay no attention, thinking us ‘political types’ complete losers, as they simply get on with pursuing happy lives. There must be a wonderful solace in that. I do envy it.

Well, then Theresa May forced my hand.

Having opposed the calling of a General Election for so long, having lulled the opposition parties into a false sense of security and allowed them to bicker and fight among themselves, to the point of near-destruction, Theresa May has struck what could be a killer blow. She’s called a General Election in just over a month’s time.

I’ll say that again. A MONTH’S TIME. The woman is positively Machiavellian. She isn’t even allowing the opposition time to mount an effective defence. She’s smelled blood for a long long time, but has waited. Timing to perfection. And now, the incredibly shrewd manoeuvre will define the future of politics in this country to such a degree, it’s truly made my head spin.

The Left and Centre-Left need to unite NOW.

It’s all very well Jeremy Corbyn publicly “embracing” this snap General Election, but even his most ardent supporters might recognise this is a decidedly ‘checkmate’ manoeuvre by Theresa May. And the risk to liberty in this country is too great. The Lib Dems and Labour MUST put aside their differences – for the good of us all.

I shared a post with both Liberal and Labour groups on social media today, pleading for unity, and for some common sense. I don’t normally just rehash my social media posts for articles, but it received an unusually positive response, and I would please like to share its contents, if I may:

Well done Theresa, well done. In chess terms, that was definitely a ‘check’ move.
May hasn’t called an election because she wants a firm mandate for the Brexit process. She’s called it because she senses Corbyn is at his absolute weakest, and because she wants her mandate as PM renewed before the absolute disaster of Brexit becomes apparent to the British people. She wants to clear the House of Lords of any opposition. And also, because she knows the opposition parties are too busy fighting each other to present any sort of effective countermeasure.


I’d really REALLY like to think we have a chance here to turn around the madness. Sadly, one glimpse at remain groups and Twitter this morning has shown me all too clearly exactly why May has called this election. Labour supporters are so busy verbally lashing Lib Dem supporters, and vice versa – so busy shouting why their team is the more virtuous and noble, why they would never stoop to voting for the other one, the irony is that barely anyone is even discussing defeating the Tories, or why THEY are the ones that need to be removed at all costs.


If that’s happening on simple forums, imagine that on a national scale. THE TORIES WILL WIPE THE FLOOR. My heart hurts thinking about it. Divide and conquer. It’s exactly how they managed to turn our lives upside down in the first place. I really wish people could see that, and how they’re falling into a trap.
FFS… just imagine Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP and the Greens in a firm alliance! They’d crush the Tories. Wouldn’t that be a beautiful thing??


There’s a lot of discussion of tactical voting. Compromising, and voting for whichever party is closer to taking a Tory spot in any given constituency. Seems to me, that’s a bloody good idea: the nearest thing we’ve seen to people using their heads instead of their hearts. Or, in a sense, coming together to unite in the face of a greater evil. If you really really can’t get on board with that, fine. That is your prerogative. But there are ways of standing by your party without turning all your bile on the other. Please PLEASE stop turning your fire on each other. Call an end to all this futile hostility and posturing. You’re quite literally decimating our own ranks.


I’m now gonna share this in both Labour and Lib Dem groups, and hope I don’t get lynched.

So far, I haven’t received any abuse, quite unusual. Only messages and sentiments of agreement. Perhaps that’s a glimmer of hope?

This is it… ‘checkmate’

If only Left-wing politicians would listen to the thousands of balanced, sober and reasoned voices positively crying out a similar sentiment. Because make no mistake, THIS is the Eleventh Hour. Theresa May makes no secret of her intentions following a win in this election:

The country is coming together, Westminster is not.


Every vote for the Conservatives will make it harder for opposition politicians who want to stop me… Every vote for the Conservatives will make me stronger.

Unbelievably, that’s not a quote from a Sith Lord, or from the film V For Vendetta. That is a quote from the Prime Minister of our country, this morning, speaking of how she wishes to use this election to effectively end all opposition in Parliament.

It’s quite literally Orwell’s prediction rolling out before our eyes.

The Tories are already in the process of redrawing the political map of Britain, redefining boundaries and constituencies to ensure unbreakable grip on power. That’s documented. They are already under investigation by UK police forces for electoral fraud – a pesky matter that seems to have been conveniently swept under the carpet. And Theresa May, Bond-villain that she is, has already shown an entirely callous disregard for political process and the checks deliberately put in place to keep dictators at bay. If her party sweep the board and subsequently claim unmitigated authority over Britain, they will never ever let go of it again. We won’t have European Law to protect us either; the Tories are planning to rewrite that rule-book too. It all fits together so neatly.

This could be the moment many have feared for a long time. The turning point we look back on in history, and mark as the end of actual democracy in Britain. Where we became a One-Party State, like Turkey/Russia/Saudi Arabia/the Philippines etc (all governments Theresa May seems to so admire) in all but name only. Eg: the exact vision of Britain the Conservatives have been trying to manipulate since colonial times.

Look at the world around us. The circumstances, the build up of tensions, the sabre-rattling and divisions. Look how people engage politically, burying their heads in the sand, or adopting overly aggressive, tribal mentalities. Look at the global picture. We’re ripe for plunder.

Then see how this Tory government has had a hand in all of it. Even Trump.

People of Britain, we must wake up… immediately. Screw our tribal sensibilities and our favourite colour badge, this is a fight for our future. This Conservative Party must be stopped.

The Left MUST unite, before it’s too late.

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