Merely ten days ago on 11th June, Tory minister Robert Syms – MP for the constituency of Poole and Dorset – responded to a member of the public on Twitter referring to the man in question as “a d*ck”. Simply for pointing out a distasteful power-share the Conservative MP wasn’t too keen to discuss.

However this morning, Tory minister and MEP Daniel Hannan topped that.

Yes, Hannan brazenly referred to those planning to protest today in the #DayOfRage as “revolutionary leftist tossers”.

And in his typically arrogant and ill-conceived fashion, he splashed it across Twitter – somehow beaming with pride at this obvious incitement of prejudice against absolutely anyone who would dare challenge this Tory government. Prime example of a prominent, and supposedly ‘decent’ Tory, actively feeding the right-wing ‘thug-like’ rhetoric this country has debased itself to. (The very day after far-right hate preacher Tommy Robinson was given a platform on GMTV, to sit there and spout sh*t holding a copy of the Quran in a positively inflammatory fashion.)

Ironically, the tweet itself was linked to an earlier ill-thought comment, where Hannan quotes Henry II’s famous quip regarding the ‘troublesome’ Thomas Beckett in reference to John McDonnell: “Will no one rid me of this turbulent priest?” You’d perhaps think a ‘decent’ and wise, all-knowing Tory politician would understand the implications of suggesting a political figure should be ‘got rid of’ – particularly in these ‘turbulent’ times thrust upon us by the Tories. So either Hannan was naive and stupid enough to not understand the plausible implication, or he did – and said it any way. Neither’s a great option.

The whole point of being a politician is that you are accountable. You aim higher. You try to set an example. Yes, the rest of Britain may be calling each other “d*cks” and “tossers”, infuriated with the current situation – but they should at least be attempting to show us something better. No-one’s even saying they need to have always been perfect individuals, but when you’re in office, perhaps it’s time to start behaving like the responsible ‘parental’ role you’ve been assigned?

Hypocrisy at its finest

Daniel Hannan – the man who some formerly described as “the brains behind Brexit” – has form when it comes to daft tweets he thinks better of at a later stage. This article for The New Statesman lists a few of them, also discussing his possible motivations. (One can only speculate whether this tweet might join the list.)

But really, how dare a Tory politician have the nerve to decry the “overstretched police”?? It’s brass cheek to a positively odious degree. The UK police forces themselves have gone on record to openly state that Tory cuts and ‘austerity’ have crippled their ability to adequately serve our nation. Even mainstream media outlets have questioned whether the need for armed soldiers on our streets recently arose from those cuts. According to The Independent:

Estimates from the National Audit Office show that (effective) real funding of England and Wales’ 43 police forces fell 18 per cent between 2010-11 and 2015-16 to around £12bn.


And according to the official Treasury data, the Home Office’s overall budget fell from £12.6bn in 2011-12 to £10.9bn in 2015-16. This represents a real terms cut of 18 per cent.

Hannan’s shameless smear is basically the equivalent of starving a child, and then complaining it’s skinny.

Righteous indignation

I myself responded to Hannan, appalled by his prejudicial incitement. I was not alone. More than a few had thoughts on the matter, well summarised by this tweet:

Cue a slew of right-wing supporters claiming all Corbyn supporters are Marxists, aggressive low-lives, communists-in-waiting, losers and layabouts… the typical stuff. They claim we’re seeking a violent revolution, and that the planned #DayOfRage is just an excuse to cause trouble.

They just don’t get it:

I think I speak for many when I say, we didn’t want any of this. We take no glory or satisfaction from seeing our country so ruptured and divided – on the tipping point of catastrophe. The Tory idea of ‘democracy’ in 2017 is that we must simply do as we’re told, no matter how villainous or reckless the policies they introduce. Well we won’t. Of course we desire our country to be at peace again – but we are simply not prepared to give into a very real and palatable evil, and/or allow it free rein without a fight.

If you really don’t like protests Mr Hannan, you and your insidious cabal of elitist bullies have three choices:

  1. You could surprise us all, and actually start listening to the people you’re supposed to serve.
  2. You can do the right thing, and remove yourselves from government – and/or form a coalition with one of the progressive parties (not religious fanatics).
  3. Bloody well get used to it.

But what these outbursts really speak of, is the Tory attitude to citizens of this nation who reject their policies. Their deep disdain of anyone with the gumption to stand up and say “no, I am not going to accept this”. They don’t care what walk of life we actually hail from, our background or our reasoning. We are now all nothing but “saboteurs” – irritating obstructions to their desired far-right, practically autocratic regime.

Keep it peaceful today guys, on this #DayOfRage. Remember the decency and egalitarianism we stand for, and don’t give them ANY ammunition. Give them an inch, they WILL take the mile.

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