1. A totalitarian leader who defies political process, hides from the press, and lacks basic human empathy.
  2. Policies condemned by both the European Court of Human Rights and the British High Court.
  3. Childish behaviour, insults and smear tactics in both the media and House of Commons.
  4. Sucking up to Donald Trump.
  5. A government in cahoots with Rupert Murdoch and Paul Dacre etc, gutter tabloid press tactics.
  6. A political party under continual investigation for illegal campaign overspending, cheating in every damned election.
  7. Appeasement and arms-dealing with tyrannical regimes across the world.
  8. Bombing foreign nations, then demonising and abandoning the refugees fleeing.
  9. Inhumane blood-sports, and the ivory trade.
  10. Climate change denial.
  11. Proposed state censorship of the internet.
  12. Pay-rises for MPs, and ‘austerity’ for everyone else.
  13. Tax-cuts for big business and huge corporations who don’t pay enough tax any way.
  14. Labelling High Court Judges “enemies of the people”.
  15. Failure to identify Islamic terrorists who appeared on a TV documentary.
  16. Persecution of the elderly and disabled.
  17. Devaluing of teachers, doctors, nurses, police and firefighters, but encouragement of banking and businesses that propagate consumer debt.
  18. Condemning millions of people to poverty, watching them starve and suffer the indignity of food-banks.
  19. The degradation of public services and gradual privatisation of the NHS.
  20. Bigotry and racism resurgent in Britain.
  21. European citizens being used as bargaining chips.
  22. £1bn of tax-payer money paid to buy off religious fanatics in Northern Ireland.
  23. Risking the peace agreement in Northern Ireland.
  24. Exposing Britain to backward and regressive religious policies.
  25. Anti-LGBTQ campaigner Matt Hancock being appointed Minister of the Arts.
  26. The BBC being used as a state propaganda tool.
  27. Filibustering.
  28. A party that appointed Boris-feckin-Johnson as Foreign Secretary.
  29. Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt. Their existence.
  30. F**king a dead pig.

‘Nuff said.

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