MEET THE SNOWFLAKES: the right-wing cry-babies who define modern day hypocrisy

I realised something last night. I saw a Twitter post from EDL founder, our ‘friendly neighbourhood fascist’ Tommy Robinson, fresh from his emboldening appearance on GMTV. Whining about “how unfairly he’s been treated” and how “the entire establishment’s been out to get him”. It kinda turned my stomach:

The Bully

Some fun Christmas-cracker facts about Tommy Robinson: his real name is Stephen Lennon. The first time he was imprisoned, he went on ‘hunger-strike’ to protest his innocence, refusing also to eat what he claimed was ‘Halal meat’. His self-sacrifice lasted a whole 24 hours.

It’s straight-up amazing. Someone who lives and breathes to slander religious groups, complains of ‘slander’. A man who harangues ‘snowflakes’, is he himself arguably more delicate than a snowflake zapped in the microwave. A guy who’s made a career out of demonising others, simultaneously complains he’s demonised. The brute who’s got criminal records for assault, protests being “battered” and imprisoned. It’s just mind-blowing.

The Nerd

His partner in crime, Paul Joseph Watson, I dared to criticise in a piece recently. It resulted in him turning his entire rabid UK and US fan base on me (48 hours I now refer to as ‘Assault of the Lemmings’):

It wasn’t exactly pleasant, but I guess it’s part of the territory when squaring up to bullies – so I certainly didn’t publicly ‘play the violin’. Yet Watson is just as whiny as Robinson. When YouTube restricted his material, he protested how persecuted and hard done by he was. And like the former EDL leader, Watson’s always on about the agenda of the media, especially if they shun him; he’s just a whining egotist whose entire mantra revolves around celebration of himself. Both are hate-preachers who deny being hate-preachers, who complain they’re the subject of ‘hate’. Ridiculous.

In fact, this rather distasteful hypocrisy is absolutely rife among the new-breed of ‘snowflake-hating’ right-wing. Laughable and pathetic, bludgeoning characters that sentient people would formerly have laughed at – but who have somehow brought the Western world to its knees in the past two years. This characteristic of decrying “how unfair it all is”, “how much everyone’s out to get me”, “how biased the media are” etc while simultaneously preaching prejudice, is just astonishing. Affluent white males (mostly) moaning how society’s stacked against them. Let’s look at a few of the offenders.

The Jesters

We’ve covered Robinson and Watson, but Watson’s boss at InfoWars, Alex Jones, definitely fits the category. In fact, he’s a veteran. He’s been complaining everyone’s out to get him for decades. But while we’re in the US, no-one can possibly go further up the list than Donald Trump. The whiny, cry-baby, verbally-stunted bully who’s been permanently Tango’d for life is the veritable king of complaining how “unfair” it all is. He set the tone for everybody else. He took arrogance and blind hypocrisy to a whole new level, and worse still, somehow enabled and invented the concept of ‘alternative-facts’ (eg: made-up nonsense).

Trump’s most recent tantrum was to refuse to come to the UK, unless we’re all dancing in the streets with unadulterated joy that he’s coming.

The Creepy Uncle

There are undoubtedly countless more in the US, but back over here in the UK, we have Nigel Farage. Same thing exactly. Up until the referendum result, he portrayed himself as the racist Little Englander’s ‘personal Jesus’ – suffering on the cross to purge them of ‘sin’. (Or what the rest of us think of as our European friends and neighbours.) Farage constantly whined for years the press were out to get him, that he was deliberately targeted by supposed “elites” etc. Which is pretty ironic, considering he is an elite, very much so. And we all know it was the nefarious press and tabloids (Sun/Express/Daily Mail/Telegraph/Times) who eventually got Britain to vote themselves off a cliff too.

The Queen Of Pitchforks

His mate in France, Marine Le Pen? Same again. “I didn’t say that”, “I didn’t mean that”, “the establishment are determined to destroy me”. (It probably sounds nicer in French though. And of course fortunately for France, they didn’t actually decide to follow their ‘Pied Piper of Bigotry’ up sh*t-creek in the end.)

See a pattern emerging? I do. Quite clearly. But for some reason, it didn’t occur to me until last night. These collective snowflakes’ blaming of the media is definitely a common thread, but what’s absolutely confounding and infuriating beyond measure is THEY’RE RIGHT. The MSM media is incredibly biased. It’s just the complete tools fail to recognise it’s in their favour. Certainly, the UK press has been officially deemed the most right-wing in the whole of Europe. They don’t seem to notice practically the entire media is owned by insidious individuals who share their views. And the very fact these cretins have platforms from which to confuse and befuddle hapless populaces, shows how far down the stinking rabbit-hole we’ve gone.

The real snowflakes are quite literally arguing that black is white. (If you’ll please pardon the inadvertent pun).

Whinging On The Left

Hey… I’m not going to sit here and pretend that the left-wing aren’t prone to whiners. Hell, I’m one of ’em. But they do tend to whine about the erosion of other people’s rights – not their own. That endemic selfishness is generally not one of our flaws.

I suppose I must acknowledge some UK politicians (supposedly) on the left, who also played the sympathy, ‘victimised’ card. I think of Labour MP Angela Eagle, mouthing to the world how much she’d been persecuted by ‘Corbynistas’. And Owen Smith, the man who tried to steal his leader’s crown, did the same. Countless other Labour mutineers too, citing their “disturbance” at supposedly ‘evil shadows’ engulfing the party, and ill-founded allegations of antisemitism.

Then something else occurred to me.

Do you know who hasn’t whined and complained about how persecuted he is, despite more genuine cause than any other mainstream politician in the Western world? Who actually HAS faced the entire mainstream media machine pitted against him? A mainstream determined to blacken his name at every conceivable opportunity? Who’s instead continually and doggedly insisted that we talk about the lesser fortunate and marginalised people of Great Britain?

I don’t even need say his name. We all know who that is.

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