Having read and heard a fair bit about this “cyber-attack” now, it turns out it was a generic computer virus; the same type that has been drifting round the internet since… oh I dunno… it began. So basically, it seems an NHS employee somewhere opened one of those dodgy emails selling Viagra etc, and criminally operated malware screwed the whole system.

Various people working for various companies dotted round the globe were dumb enough to open these emails too, but the grand sum these “super criminals” have raised from this “global cyber-attack” is reportedly about $20K. (Wow. And to think, Doctor Evil was ridiculed by his son Scott for accepting a paltry million.)

As ever, question what you’re actually being told, and what it could be paving the way for. A key detail that came out yesterday was that the whole NHS is using an archaic operating system: Windows XP. (Which has been replaced by no less than four newer systems since then, and was wide open to attack.)

And the reason? The NHS “cannot afford” to update it. 

So putting two and two together, what does it therefore need? MONEY. The injection of money, money that the treasury supposedly “doesn’t have”. In other words, it “needs” private enterprise – and profit. This will be used as justification for why the NHS “must” be privatised in due course by the Conservative government, I’d stake my life on it.

And sadly, many probably will.

There’s money for MPs to be given pay rises well above the rate of inflation (or indeed, above and beyond what anyone else in the real world has been given in the past decade), and for cases of champagne to be delivered to their Tory party conferences after delivering an austerity budget. But nope… a multi-licensed copy of Windows 10 is just pushing the boat out too far. 

And would you look at that… There’s also stories recirculating about how our nukes are on Windows XP as well. Oh dear! We’d better throw what money we do have at those instead of funding healthcare (and screw feeding/housing/educating people too).

I do not diminish the seriousness of such threats, or suggest that cyber-crime doesn’t warrant a serious and measured response. But with subjectivity, the “super-villains” behind it are probably more than a little disappointed. Greater heists occur probably on an hourly basis.

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