News has emerged today that both Jeremy Corbyn and Theresa May attended the site of the Grenfell Tower fire. And as ever, the differences between the two individuals could not be more apparent.

Whereas pictures and footage are circulating of Corbyn speaking to residents personally, spending time and reaching out to them like actual human beings, our ashen-faced harpy of a Prime Minister has instead come under fire for categorically refusing to speak to any members of the public, or even relay her condolences and sympathies to them in person.

An article today for the Huffington Post gave a worthy account of the public outrage, and included several tweets voicing disgust. Here are but a couple:

Andy Lines, chief reporter for The Daily Mirror, tweeted that one distraught member of the public said to Jeremy Corbyn: “Theresa May was here but she didn’t speak to any of us. She was s**t.”

Meanwhile, many others also drew keen comparison between the way the two political leaders responded to the tragedy:

As ever, Theresa May hid from the cameras and the public – barely sticking around long enough to do some obligatory photos with the emergency services. And we all know how much she reviles any contact whatsoever with the general public, as demonstrated by amusing memes that circulated when our PM went into a factory and ‘pretended’ to listen to their concerns:

Certainly May offered those affected by the Grenfell tragedy absolutely nothing like the human warmth and dignity the Labour leader provided.

A picture paints a thousand words

Can you actually even imagine May going into a crowd of people and touching them? Connecting with them on a human level? Can you honestly see her doing anything like this…

And if you strained to imagine May being in such close proximity to average people, you’ll probably concur you’d never see her do this…

And definitely not this…

No…almost certainly not.

In fact, our PM managed to stand around looking like an uninterested third-wheel even among the emergency services. (Who probably aren’t all that keen on her either, considering… you know, she wants to cut most of their jobs and resources.)

I suppose nowadays, any press in the vicinity of Theresa May should simply be grateful if they’re not locked in a cupboard and/or dungeon, until she’s done dishing out her ‘public concern’ for the hand-picked camera crews and news anchors.

Facing the music

Sometimes, a picture really does paint a thousand words. Whatever clever way a Tory spokesperson might try and spin these images… however much they’d probably argue May has ‘important matters of state to attend to’, or that she’s ‘too busy doing all the real work that Corbyn wouldn’t know how to’ etc, what that really speaks more of is Corbyn’s priorities. Eg: real people, suffering real hardships. Whereas they’re a minor and/or secondary concern to any self-respecting Tory.

The simple inescapable fact of the matter, is that Jeremy Corbyn is a kind and compassionate human being. Theresa May is anything but. 

Before anyone goes suggesting critics of the Tories are attempting to ‘politicise’ these recent tragic events… attempting to ‘twist’ them or capitalise… no we’re not, we’re stating uncomfortable truths. And if that truth be told, perhaps Tories and Tory supporters should take some responsibility for their affiliations too:

In fairness to our PM, it probably wouldn’t be advisable for her to go out into crowds like Corbyn does any way – she’d likely be torn apart like a gruesome and bloody scene from Game of Thrones. But there are reasons for that. Good reasons.

And like Donald Trump’s recent cry-baby tantrum that he might not come to Britain because people ‘don’t like him’, it’s about bloody time these leaders took responsibility for WHY that might be.

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