Once upon a time, I struggled to find things to write about. Political intrigues were relatively few and far between. Not any more. Each day is like the subsequent film in a horror franchise: with more gore, more dismemberment, and a grossly superior body count to squeal at.

It’s possibly worth mentioning, we’re now in the latter stages of that horror franchise. Towards the end, where the few remaining goodies face insurmountable odds, and are on the verge of being annihilated. The villain now commits massacres that make previous efforts seem like a Disney film, and save for a wholly unlikely and unforeseeable twist of fate, the villain has won. Checkmate.

We’ve definitely reached that point. However, I feel less optimistic about the Hollywood ending.

Wake up Britain, wake the f**k up NOW

Glancing through a slew of headlines today, amid the newsfeed I have set up to specifically bring me tidings of doom on a daily basis, I spied something that truly made me sick to my stomach. In fact, it was the same kind of bemused panic I experienced on June 24th last year, finding out my country had just voted to potentially cripple itself economically, and adopt the road to far-right nationalism:

Andrew Griffin writing for The Independent, reports:

Theresa May is planning to introduce huge regulations on the way the internet works, allowing the government to decide what is said online.

This is TERRIFYING. There’s no other word for it.

The right-wing press will argue it’s merely further evidence of Theresa’s ‘strength’ – that she intends to use these proposed powers to ‘combat terrorism’. But she’s gonna say that, isn’t she! Does anyone really think she’s going to be honest, and say “I intend to clamp down on freedom of speech, to ensure a media stranglehold over Britain”?

You’ve got to put a ‘positive spin’ on your dastardly evil plan, we all know that.

Nevertheless, we’ve sadly probably reached the stage now where it doesn’t matter. Many will un-apologetically crow how “it’s about time someone shut the lib-tards up”. They won’t see a thing wrong with it.

We should all be at the point of screaming our lungs out. Only a fool would fail to recognise this returning ‘trend’ of nationalist dictators around the world. Putin, Trump, Kim-Jong-Un, Duterte, Erdogan… and now Theresa May, they’re all cut from the same cloth. All reading from the same handbook, ‘Dictatorship 101 – Penguin Edition‘.

Clamping down on internet freedoms? Controlling what we can or can’t read on the internet? In other words, ensuring the only news and current events we hear of are filtered through monopolised mainstream media? That sounds more like China than the United Kingdom to me. Or Russia, or Saudi Arabia, North Korea – any of the oppressive regimes we previously didn’t like too much, until discrimination suddenly became a ‘cool’ status quo again.

A wrong’un

A meme from 2016, days before the Brexit referendum.

We all knew she was a wrong’un, even back as Home Secretary. The architect of the ‘Snooper’s Charter’. We knew she wanted to be able to stockpile our information and our online correspondence – to effectively monitor every citizen of the United Kingdom, categorise them and God knows what else. That was bad enough. But now she’s really going the whole hog.

Now she want to control the news. The opinions, the rationale and the reasoning you are exposed to. She wants to decide what ‘the truth’ is.

Exactly like they did in Nazi Germany. It’s called ‘state propaganda’.

Seriously… we’re not going to get more of an obvious alarm bell than this. It’s a wake-up call of epic proportion. The Orwell analogy gets used a lot, by myself included, but this really is the ‘1984’ moment. It should be a cold bucket of water for anyone with any historical or political perspective beyond rudimentary, tabloid understanding.

The sweeping mantle of “fake news”

Laws can often be manipulated for use against those they were never initially intended to.

The Tory establishment already has TV and newspapers under the thumb. But the internet… ah, that was a domain it could not entirely control. And the cynic in me specifically fears this move by Kim-Jong-May is very much a reaction to supposedly ‘alt-left news’, exactly like EvolvePolitics, The Canary, Another Angry Voice, SkwawkBox etc. Strangely enough, there has been a fair bit of interest from the MSM recently regarding the influence and exponential growth of readership among these sites; even they are now having to acknowledge we’re making an impression.

Some publications try to skew us as unintelligible nut-jobs howling loudly into an echo-chamber, but only last week, Buzzfeed reported that articles from The Canary and EvolvePolitics were among the most shared nationally, alongside what were otherwise entirely mainstream newspapers and tabloids. (The latter piece, I’m pleased to say I wrote.) I believe I can speak for all similar publications when I say our whole purpose is to draw attention to the stories and occurrences the MSM try to saturate, and distract from – sometimes even just blatantly mis-report. The very reason we even exist, is sentient people who pay attention see something very wrong with the way events are reported in this country.

Perhaps we have had a role in lifting the veil, to a certain degree. But certainly nowhere near as effectively as we’d like, I’m sure – otherwise we wouldn’t be facing such an uphill struggle. And my fear is, Theresa May doesn’t want anyone listening to anything that sounds a little bit too like common sense. So she’ll be coming for us next.

I do feel this threat to our internet freedom really has to be a turning point. I don’t know quite how, but this woman must be stopped.

Or that’s the end of it for liberty and free speech in Britain.

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