News has emerged that Theresa May’s government are sitting on a report investigating the Saudi Arabian government’s funding of Islamic terrorism within the the UK. The Home Office told The Guardian its findings may never be released, as they are deemed highly “sensitive”.

The investigation was commissioned by David Cameron in January 2016, and publishing of the results is already long overdue. Theresa May is reported to have had the files in her possession for the past six months. Eg: well before the snap General Election. (It would have been awful for the Tories if something like that had got out beforehand, as well as all the alleged campaign fraud, wouldn’t it?)

May was still Home Secretary at the time. The report was commissioned to examine the scale of funding for Islamic terror groups within the UK: with an added remit to closely follow international money chains. It’s also reported that the investigation was a demand made by the Liberal Democrats, in order to gain their support for British airstrikes against Syria in December 2015.

In response to Green Party leader and MP Caroline Lucas, questioning the absence of results as commissioned, Theresa May commented:

The review into the funding of Islamist extremism has improved the Government’s understanding of the nature, scale and sources of funding for Islamist extremism in the UK. Ministers are considering advice on what is able to be published and will report to Parliament with an update in due course.

So in other words, Theresa May’s government don’t think we – the little people – are entitled to know whether a government SHE trades with on OUR behalf (a detail Tories always seem to forget) is funding the very same terror attacks and brutal murders that have so recently blighted our country. Here, on our own home soil. 

What exactly is it she doesn’t want us to know? And do we not have a right to know? 

Islamic terror

Perhaps it could be that Saudi Arabia ARE somehow responsible, and/or involved? And yet meanwhile, Theresa May’s government have courted the extremist Sunni regime beyond all others, desperate for business in a post-Brexit Britain, selling them weapons by the crate load? So much so, it’s made the UK the second biggest arms-dealer in the world

Saudi Arabia are one of the most brutal and totalitarian regimes in the whole of the Islamic world: a religiously extremist regime strictly observing and enforcing Sharia Law. It inflicts very real terror and brutality upon its own citizens, and neighbours, on a daily basis. The Saudis are brutally murdering the people of Yemen, and the Western world has done nothing – simply because it doesn’t serve business interests. Saudi Arabia are even the Islamic state ‘terrorists’ often and widely accused of being linked to the planning and execution of 9/11, the most infamous terrorist strike on Western soil in history.

And yet they’re also one of the Islamic nations NOT included in President Trump’s recent travel ban.

Odd that. 

Dirty secrets

MP Caroline Lucas described the Tory government’s decision to suppress this information as “astonishing”.

It is simply incomprehensible to me that a sitting Prime Minister of Great Britain in the twenty-first century can be allowed to hide their inconvenient and dirty secrets like this. Nixon would be positively jealous. It smacks of a dictator in Russia, Turkey, or North Korea today. Not Britain. Never Britain.   

Jeremy Corbyn has weighed in on this debate on many occasions too. Sadly, his tireless questioning of Theresa May in the House of Commons regarding the implications of the UK’s relationship with Saudi Arabia has also been continuously ignored. 

Just another one of those ‘little’ differences between the Tories and Corbyn’s Labour I guess. Theresa May arguably sees nothing wrong with giving hostile regimes the means to fund terrorists; terrorists that kill her own citizens. You’d have to be an idiot to not smell a rat here. 

Whereas Labour made a firm promise to end arms-dealing with oppressive regimes, period. Which could well put an end to (or at least diminish) widespread Islamic terrorism upon British shores to boot. I know which seems the saner option to me.

Have a listen to activist and lawyer Peter Stefanovic‘s thoughts on the matter:

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