Internet comments sections aren’t usually the place to restore faith in humanity. But comic book fan Erica Dodd found that when a photograph of herself dressed up as Suicide Squad character Harley Quinn went viral for the wrong reasons, people aren’t always as awful as you think.

A Facebook page called ‘Deadpool is a Savage‘ posted Dodd’s photograph to its over 100,000 fans with the caption “When you eat the whole squad“. Dodd is a larger size than the usual woman you might see cosplaying as Harley, which is apparently very funny, at least to some.

25,000 people have liked the Facebook post. Unsurprisingly, many of the comments on the page itself are also mocking Dodd’s body. But alongside those there’s something else – and it even surprised Dodd herself.

Erica Dodd facebook comment

Writing on the post on 20 August, she said:

Thank you to all the positive comments by the way. It’s nice to know not all humans are garbage.

Proving her right, her comment alone on the page has over 3,000 ‘likes’ – making it the top comment on the entire post.

Now several days have passed since the post was made, it’s actually hard to find negative comments among all the positive ones.

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 18.05.31

Several commenters noted the creativity and effort required to create a costume like Dodd’s.

Cosplay facebook comments Erica Dodd

Others made an important point about involvement in fandom and geek culture – namely, that it’s not supposed to be about what you look like, but about what you love.

Erica Dodd Facebook comment 9 year old

Many more declared Dodd beautiful, and even usual fans of the page appeared to disprove of the decision to body-shame.

The general rule of thumb is that if you can’t say anything nice, you probably shouldn’t say anything at all. In this instance, at least the nastiness lets us know that it’s not all bad below the comment line.

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