Well, at least we can put one argument to rest. For the past few years, the BBC has been eternally dogged with complaints and criticisms, regarding demonstration of obvious political bias and coordination with the ‘establishment agenda’.

Thing is, the right-wing – in their befuddled fury – have said it’s all in favour of the ‘libtard’ and ‘snowflake agenda’. Whereas the sentient people clearly recognise the truth, which is that the BBC couldn’t be more in bed with the Tories if they physically spooned them and nibbled on their ear every night.

Worse still, the BBC don’t even try to hide it.

In case you needed any further proof of outrageous BBC bias, their Daily and Sunday Politics Editor Robbie Gibb just took the job as Theresa May’s mouthpiece:

Make no mistake. A ‘Director of Communications’ is just a fancier and far more family-friendly name for a ‘Minister of Propaganda’. Quite literally and effectively means the same thing. And after all, why would Theresa May go anywhere else? The BBC have done a better job of pioneering Tory propaganda than Boris, Gove, Hammond and Kim Jong May combined – striving tirelessly to make their mad-cap buffoonery and incompetence seem vaguely palatable.

By the BBC’s own admission:

The position of Downing Street director of communications, which was first held by Alastair Campbell under Labour PM Tony Blair, has normally been held by an ex-newspaper or TV journalist.

But Gibb was not an ex-journalist. Gibb was a currently sitting ‘puppet-master’ for one of the biggest media corporations in the world, and was lured away from the corporation after 23 years. It must have been one helluva carrot the Tories offered.

Gibb takes over from Katie Perrior – who resigned before the general election, and has since been a fierce critic of Theresa May’s joint chiefs of staff, Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill. Gibb’s brother also happens to be the Junior Tory Education Minister, Nick Gibb.

According to a report for The Independent:

It was on a program edited by Mr Gibb that junior Labour minister Stephen Doughty resigned on air, as part of a wave of resignations aimed at bringing down Jeremy Corbyn. Mr Corbyn’s communications chief Seumas Milne directly accused Mr Gibb of bias.

What ever happened to at least the pretence of the BBC being impartial? Have they simply given up on that charade??

It makes things more straightforward I guess.

The revolving door

Newspaper and ‘print’ journalists/editors are, by law, allowed to adopt a political stance, and communicate their overriding sympathies. It perhaps makes sense for someone like former News Of The World journalist Andy Coulson to take up a role so strongly associated with party political propaganda. But the rules are different for televised news – and particularly organisations that are tax-payer owned, or as in this case, have been the most influential voice informing the British people for generations.

Until recent years, the majority of British people felt they could rely upon the BBC to adhere to impartiality and ‘straight’ reporting. That is certainly no longer exclusively the case. Not least due to the corporation’s distasteful links and subsequent career opportunities within the Conservative party, but also to geopolitical ‘interests’ and banking as well.  Former Chairman of the BBC Trust (eg: master of the purse), Rona Fairchild, was extensively criticised for her vigorous lobbying of David Cameron for the role, effectively ‘buying it’. Whilst in the role, Fairchild also continued in her role as a director on the board at HSBC: a detail that only came to light under the cloud of a Swiss tax evasion scandal. Many rightfully demanded that she be sacked, and Fairchild was eventually forced to stand down.

But Gibb’s appointment as the Tory equivalent of Goebbels, is yet another unashamed slap in the face of the British people. A people who’ve been hopelessly deceived, led up the garden path and from pillar to post, and thrust into an angry political wasteland for the best part of two years now. Had the BBC dared to defy their Tory overlords and realistically portray the political alternatives, they may have risked losing their political support and funding temporarily – at least until another government was perhaps in power. A government who might well have valued them as more than a simple tool of propaganda.

But hell, at least the media institution at the heart of all this political chaos can no longer be in any way considered ‘impartial’.

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