Ah… ‘Brexit’. A word that didn’t even exist a couple of years ago, which now has half the world skating on wafer thin ice.

But if the Pied Piper of Hamelin breaks with tradition, and turns to the crowd of rats following him yelling “Turn back! Run for your wee rodent lives!” – and you happen to physically be one of his furry four-legged sycophants, you’d best bloody well listen. (Before anyone starts, no…I’m categorically not implying Brexiteers are rats. It was a common analogy referring to all of us in Britain, damn it.)

The Pied Piper of Vote Leave

Dominic Cummings – the architect and campaign director of Vote Leave, and the man directly behind the infamous “£350m to the NHS” bus slogan – has now pretty much openly admitted that Brexit could turn out very badly for Britain. And that the entire EU referendum itself was a “dumb idea”.

His words. That was Cummings’ specific wording when replying to David Allen Green of The Financial Times:

“Other things should’ve been tried first”. This – from the guy who was telling the British public WHY we should leave. From the guy who came up with the slogan: “Vote leave, take control” that brainwashed half the nation, and circulated fears that Turkey was on the verge of joining the EU. 

Great. Just as well Britain’s not planning to jump off an economic/geopolitical cliff, or anything potentially diabolical like that.

“In some possible branches of the future, leaving will be an error” says Cummings. Sounds suspiciously like hedging your bets to me. Or, as Remainers warned, those who orchestrated the Brexit debacle now waiving any responsibility for the carnage that may very well follow.

Who… me?? I merely made the bomb and sold it to you. I didn’t force you to detonate it in your garden.

Fleeting memories

It’s funny. I don’t recall anyone prominent on the Leave campaign coming forward at the time to warn us Brexit could be an “error”. Or that in fact, its mere discussion was “dumb”. I only recall talk of ‘golden lions’, St George battling the dragon (ironically, the legendary British saint who hailed from modern day Turkey), recovering fisheries and taking back our borders, cutting out odious red tape: the kind that impoverishes wealthy Tories, and might’ve prevented the Grenfell tragedy.

Not to mention that damnable bus, which shall surely go down in history as one of the most rudimentary and yet effectual pieces of baseless propaganda to ever exist:

And of course, don’t forget Boris Johnson took that shameless and utterly false slogan even further. He stood by and promoted posters saying:”let’s give our NHS the £350million the EU takes every week”. No longer were the UK “sending”, now it was the EU “taking”.

Either way, both versions turned out to be complete b**locks – when analysis for Chancellor Philip Hammond estimated extra borrowing due to Brexit would cost £58.7bn over five years – £226million a week. And that’s before you even consider that under existing agreements, the UK received a rebate from the EU as well.

It’s one thing for Brexiteers and those blindly in favour of our exit from the EU to dismiss what Remainers are saying – those pesky and annoying types who simply can’t just ‘get on board’, who keep warning of impending Armageddon. But quite another when the actual people who shrewdly marketed and instigated the whole damned thing are saying: “This could be bad. Very bad. And we were stupid even to risk it.” Just what kind of warning bell are we waiting for?? I’m not sure I can imagine a more ear-shattering one.

How much brighter does the neon-flashing sign need to be – warning us this is NOT the time for Britain to take a mad and blind scramble into the unknown, based on lies that the liars now themselves refute??? 


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