[WATCH] Shocking unprovoked racist attack on Polish bus driver caught on camera

A shocking video has emerged of a violent, racist, unprovoked attack on a Polish bus driver. The disgusting attack is reported to have taken place last Sunday (25 June) in Hounslow, West London.

The video illustrates the disturbing rise in hate crimes that the country has seen since Brexit, a political decision which appears to have validated and emboldened those with racist and strong anti-immigrant views.

The video also shows members of the public defending the bus driver against the thug — without resorting to violence — illustrating that we, as a country, will not accept this kind of disgusting, violent racism.

The man flew into a rage after the driver noticed he hadn’t touched in with his Oyster card as he boarded the bus.

The driver then asked him to get off the bus — which triggered the man into a staggering tirade of angry, violent, racist abuse:

I hope you’re FUCKING deported. Go back to your FUCKING country. This is our country, you illegal CUNT!!

He then tries to smash his way into the driver’s cab from the inside, spitting at the driver and screaming, repeatedly: “FUCK YOU!” — banging on the screen like an absolute maniac.

Failing that he stormed out of the bus and tries to break in from the other side.

He then tries to attack the driver by forcing open the outside window, grabbing him through it and trying to assault him.

After that failed, the man then went to use items of his shopping to try to smash in the windscreen using bottles of lemonade, and cans of what appears to be alcohol — and tearing down the windshield wipers, whilst repeatedly shouting at the driver: “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!”

A passenger on the bus is then heard saying:

open that door, guys, someone sort this cunt out!

After this, a brave passenger rushes towards the attacker to accost him, managing to subdue him whilst forcing the attacker away from the bus and into the road — aided by other members of the public.

Another member of the public then helps to further calm the man down — as the bus prepares to depart without the attacker.


As the bus leaves, the disheveled attacker gathers his jacket from the roadside and continues to shout at the driver:

Oi driver! Fuck off! You’ve had your fun now ain’t ya!

During the outburst, other passengers can be heard expressing concern that children are being scared by the man. Children can also be heard crying in the background.

This vile episode of racist rage follows a list of ever-growing hate crimes across London.

Following the Brexit campaign, charities warned that the “toxic language” that had been thrown around could be responsible for a 216 percent rise in hate crime in 2016-17 compared to figures from the previous year.

So far, apologists for the man’s behavior have already started making excuses for him. Along the lines of “he clearly has a mental illness” and ‘bus drivers are scum anyway”. Let’s just imagine for a second that the man was Muslim, or black — would these same apologists be so keen to stress these possibilities? I highly doubt it.

The man’s rage is symbolic of a society that is becoming increasingly emboldened to violently express racist, xenophobic views. Whatever the fundamental, underlying problems which drive such rage in an individual, this disgusting behaviour is always unacceptable.

The man clearly blames immigrants for the cause of his problems, hence his willingness to snap into this kind of bigoted rage. But like all those who choose to blame all of their suffering on immigrants, he is deeply mistaken and wrong.

The root cause of a huge number of societies’ problems is neoliberalism — a system which encourages a culture of selfish, aggressive, competitive individualism, summed up succinctly when Margeret Thatcher proudly declared that:

there’s no such thing as society

This became an acceptable basis with which to run the country. It should be no surprise then, that such a statement and mindset gives birth to people who act as if there’s no such thing as society.

Luckily — as is often the case — decent and brave members of the public disproved Thatcher’s disgusting ethos and helped the driver.

The incident is shocking, depressing, and uplifting all at the same time. Says it all about our current political climate and society, doesn’t it?

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