Write For Us

Write For Us

We are constantly searching for political writers and investigative journalists to contribute to our project at Evolve Politics.

Our writers are paid in two different ways.

Firstly, all writers get 50% of advertising revenue profit as a proportion of the traffic they generate. Meaning that for every article you produce, you will retain half of all the income generated based on how many visitors your pieces draw in.

On top of this revenue, all our writers receive a standard fee for their work, depending on the word count of each article they have published.

Our standard fees are:

  • £3 for a 300-500-word piece.
  • £4 for a 500-750-word piece.
  • £5 for a 1000-word piece.

The standard fee is derived from donations and subscriptions to our site, and as we accrue a bigger fan base and extra paid subscriptions, we will continue to increase our standard fees on a regular basis.

We believe that our writers should be rewarded fairly for their hard work, and our business model encourages our writers to work together. The bigger EvolvePolitics gets, the more rewarded our writers will become for their work.

If you share our aims and values, and want to be part of our amazing team, you can apply to write for us by completing our application process below.

(Download Application Form)