WATCH: Comedian Nish Kumar destroys Tory MP for cynically diverting attention away from Tory Brexit mess [VIDEO]

The BBC Comedian and host of BBC Two’s The Mash Report, Nish Kumar, just completely exposed a Tory MP for cynically attempting to divert attention from the mess the Conservative government are currently making on Brexit, onto the opposition Labour Party.


Tory Deputy Chairman, James Cleverly, spent the vast majority of last night’s Question Time desperately trying not to discuss his own party’s dreadful handling of Brexit, and instead tried to repeatedly claim that Labour did not have a plan, and that was somehow worse than literally making a complete embarrassment of the country.

However, it turned out to be a humiliating night for the Tory MP, because as well as being laughed at and booed by the assembled audience on several occasions, he was also hilariously called out for his attempts to distract from the chaos his government are overseeing.


You can watch Nish Kumar’s incredible 33-second take down of the ironically-named Tory MP below:

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