Amy Howarth

Shocking new report reveals just how badly the Tories are screwing over ordinary people

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation released a report this morning showing that many families are failing to meet a suggested minimum income standard, resulting in millions living without a ‘decent...

The latest poll of Tory members shows Theresa May’s career is now teetering on the edge of oblivion

Theresa May's future as Prime Minister is in serious doubt after suffering a catastrophic loss of support from Conservative Party members. According to a new survey by the ConservativeHome website,...

Millions of lives already destroyed, Hammond decides the UK might be ‘weary’ of austerity

Tories are known for their callousness. But it's still quite shocking when they spit out something so disrespectful, it shamelessly unveils their complete and total lack of empathy and...

The only rational argument used by climate change deniers has just been categorically disproved by scientists

Despite the fact that 97% of climate researchers agree that climate change is caused by humans, governments seem to be increasingly flooded with climate change deniers or nonsensical approaches...

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WATCH: Len McCluskey tells Tom Watson: “You should be f**king well ashamed of yourself” [VIDEO]

The General Secretary of the country's biggest union Unite, Len McCluskey - an ardent supporter of Jeremy Corbyn - has launched a blistering attack...

WATCH: PMQs – Jeremy Corbyn tears into the Tories for ignoring anti-Muslim racism within their party [VIDEO]

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn produced a barnstorming display in today's PMQs, laying into the soon-to-be-departed Prime Minister Theresa May over her 'abject failure'...

Oh the irony – Tommy Robinson to ‘apply for REFUGEE status in the United States’

The anti-immigrant, anti-Islam, anti-refugee and rabidly racist criminal, Tommy Robinson, has just broken the irony meter after it emerged that he is reportedly seeking...

BBC silent AGAIN as yet another poll reveals horrendous scale of Tory Islamophobia

A hugely disturbing new poll has revealed the sheer scale of Islamophobia within the Conservative Party, with a staggering 60% of Tory members polled...

Heck Food facing boycott after cringeworthy “Boris Banger” PR stunt backfires

Sausage makers Heck Food are facing a nationwide boycott after a PR stunt with Boris Johnson - in which the Tory leadership hopeful was...
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