Patrick George

Satirist for hire. Sort of like G4S but without the whole murdering civilians things.

The mainstream media has hijacked the English language for their own agenda. We need to take it back.

Terrorist sympathiser. Moderates. Old-Fashioned Politics: three phrases which, no doubt, you will have heard innumerable times during the past few months since Jeremy Corbyn was elected to lead the...

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Boris Johnson says he hopes for a “greener” future alongside picture of him taking private jet from London to Cornwall G7 Summit

Boris Johnson has been castigated on social media after tweeting about his hopes for a "greener" future alongside a picture of him travelling by...

Test Article – May 7th 2021 – Bywire Plugin VII

This is a test article from May 7th for the Bywire Plugin. This is a test article from May 7th for the Bywire Plugin....

Test Article – 4 May 2021 – Bywire Plugin Update – VII

This is a second test article from 4 May 2021 to test an update to the Bywire Publisher plugin. This is a second test...

Keir Starmer’s Labour plummet to 13-points BEHIND the Tories – worse figures than the 2019 General Election

Keir Starmer's woes have gone from bad to worse this afternooon after an astonishing new Westminster Voting Intention poll put the Labour Party a...

EXCLUSIVE: Jon Trickett MP – Leaders who don’t engage with ordinary folk rapidly appear out of touch

It has become intensely clear over the past few years that politicians simply don't reflect the wider population. Far too often our elected representatives...
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