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Huge boost for Corbyn as Labour lead Tories in latest YouGov Poll

According to BritainElects on Twitter, Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party have surged ahead of the Conservatives in the latest opinion poll carried out by YouGov.The Poll shows the Conservatives down...

You’ll never guess what’s happened to the ‘Conservative Disability Group’.

Just weeks after forcing through cuts to ESA for people in the WRAG (Work-Related Activity Group), the Conservatives also announced swingeing cuts to PIP (Personal Independence Payment) that will...

New ICM poll shows Labour draw level with Conservatives on 36%

The latest ICM poll, surveying a random sample of 1001 adults, shows Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party drawing level on 36% with the Conservatives.Labour increased their share by four points...

Brexit is inevitable. Low wages, xenophobia, and hatred of Cameron will seal it.

When it comes to asking a nation to vote on an important issue, the one overwhelming necessity is that people know what they’re voting for. Let’s face it, most...

Tory MP Lucy Allan compares media scrutiny to domestic violence victims

Under pressure Conservative MP for Telford, Lucy Allan, has once again taken to social media in an attempt to defend herself over mounting accusations of incompetence and bullying.In one...

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Tory Party Chairman James Cleverly accused of causing M11 crash whilst “speeding and using phone”

The newly installed Chairman of the Conservative Party, James Cleverly, has been accused of causing a collision on the M11 motorway whilst allegedly "speeding...

Jo Swinson falsely claims Corbyn “didn’t fight to remain” in Referendum – despite ‘going AWOL’ herself

The newly elected leader of the Liberal Democrats, Jo Swinson, has been roundly criticised on social media after falsely claiming that the Labour leader...

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn gets standing ovation after slamming media bias in passionate response to Sky journalist [VIDEO]

The Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn received a standing ovation during a flagship speech in Corby today when, in response to a Sky News journalist,...

Police open investigation after left-wing journalist Owen Jones ‘attacked and kicked in skull’ in ‘pre-meditated assault’

Police in Islington have opened an investigation after the Guardian journalist and left-wing commentator Owen Jones was attacked in what he has described as...

WATCH: Owen Jones eviscerates the Lib Dems for refusing to stop No Deal by backing caretaker Corbyn government [VIDEO]

The Liberal Democrats, and their new leader Jo Swinson, have encountered a monumental backlash on social media after refusing to support Labour's plans to...
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