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Tory MP Lucy Allan compares media scrutiny to domestic violence victims

Under pressure Conservative MP for Telford, Lucy Allan, has once again taken to social media in an attempt to defend herself over mounting accusations of incompetence and bullying. In one...

Tory Phillip Hammond brands political protesters as terrorists

Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond has been severely criticised by human rights groups after branding four executed Saudi Arabian political protesters as "terrorists". Hammond has also been accused of 'parroting Saudi...

John McDonnell owns Gideon Osborne – J-Mac’s Thug Life

  Watch as the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell quotes from Mao’s little red book in the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn will be proved right on Syria – Diane Abbott

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Here’s why introducing a Universal Basic Income MUST be part of the UK’s post-Covid recovery

“A system that is humane, rapid and above all, simple.” Not words you’d expect a Tory MP to use when describing a policy that...

Huge numbers of Private Renters are now entitled to massive refunds from their Estate Agents after new law comes into force

Vast numbers of private renters across England are now legally entitled to large refunds from their estate agents after the transitional period for the...

I’m a Care Home worker, and the government are intentionally killing old people – either that or they’re beyond incompetent

Covid-19, Coronavirus, was announced in China in late November 2019. My Care Assistant collegues and I saw the impending danger. We knew it was...

BREAKING: Durham Police confirm Dominic Cummings DID breach lockdown rules

An investigation conducted by Durham Police has concluded that Boris Johnson's senior advisor Dominic Cummings did breach the government's lockdown rules in his trip...

Tory Housing Secretary admits helping billionaire ex-Tory donor save £40m in tax with unlawful housing decision

The Conservative Party Housing Secretary has admitted unlawfully signing off on a housing development proposed by a billionaire porn tycoon who previously donated to...
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