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John McDonnell owns Gideon Osborne – J-Mac’s Thug Life

  Watch as the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell quotes from Mao’s little red book in the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn will be proved right on Syria – Diane Abbott

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BBC forced to delete ‘blatant propaganda’ cartoon portraying Tory Chancellor as a SUPERHERO

Social media users have today compared the UK’s public broadcaster to North Korean state propaganda after the BBC posted, and then swiftly deleted, a...

Jeremy Corbyn supporters raise over £100,000 in 24 hours to fund legal battle with BBC Panorama journalist

Supporters of Jeremy Corbyn have raised more than £100,000 in just over 24 hours to help the former Labour leader fight a reportedly impending...

Norwich City Council pass motion on Universal Basic Income trial for all residents

Norwich City Council have unanimously passed a motion calling on the government to trial a fully-evaluated Universal Basic Income (UBI) in the area in...

Labour MP Rosie Duffield says she could refuse to condemn racist abuse towards BAME activist for disagreeing with her policies

Labour MP Rosie Duffield has suggested that she could refuse to condemn racist abuse towards a BAME Labour activist in future after they disagreed...

BBC completely silent as Jeremy Corbyn is proved right after Tories vote against protecting NHS from Brexit trade deals

The UK's public broadcaster, the BBC, have made the astonishing decision not to report the fact that Boris Johnson's Conservative Party last night reneged...
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