William J Richardson

Will is a freelance writer at Evolve Politics. He is also doing the BPTC at the University of Law with aspirations of becoming a Barrister. Will has two law degrees and lots of opinions.

Tory Youth Advocate and ‘politics lover’ Georgia ‘Toff’ Toffolo just wished Stalin a happy birthday

Most people nowadays will have heard of Georgia Toffolo.She's the Tory-loving maid of Made in Chelsea - the girl with the mouthful of plums and an extraordinarily annoying faux-ditziness...

Committee slams Tories as ‘unacceptably complacent’ for overseeing 134% rise in rough sleeping

In what strikes at first glance as an oxymoron in nomenclature, 78,000 households are homeless, including 120,000 children. As the number of households in temporary accommodation has risen 60% since...

98% of homes built under Tories’ Help to Buy scheme ‘unsafe’ or ‘not fit for habitation’

The pressure of an austerity-led housing crisis to build more houses for a population increasingly coming to terms with being renters for the rest of their lives has caused...

Tories reportedly planning ‘further cuts’ to NHS and Schools to pay for £205Bn Trident renewal

Comments today from the Ministry of Defence's National Security Advisor, Mark Sedwill, indicate that the cost of renewing Britain's nuclear defence system, Trident, is going to take either some fancy...

On every single metric, Labour are FAR BETTER with our tax money than the Tories

There is some massive bait n' switch, unspoken subterfuge taking place in the British political climate, and there has been since 1946. By a vast, communal exercise in cognitive dissonance...

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Police open investigation after left-wing journalist Owen Jones ‘attacked and kicked in skull’ in ‘pre-meditated assault’

Police in Islington have opened an investigation after the Guardian journalist and left-wing commentator Owen Jones was attacked in what he has described as...

WATCH: Owen Jones eviscerates the Lib Dems for refusing to stop No Deal by backing caretaker Corbyn government [VIDEO]

The Liberal Democrats, and their new leader Jo Swinson, have encountered a monumental backlash on social media after refusing to support Labour's plans to...

Tory Councillor who called for execution of Jeremy Corbyn suspended from party

An elected Tory Councillor who called for the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be executed has been suspended from the Conservative Party pending investigation.Yesterday,...

BREAKING: Boris Johnson refuses to rule out reintroducing the DEATH PENALTY

The new Prime Minister Boris Johnson has refused to rule out bringing back the death penalty in his first speech to MPs in the...

Tory Councillor Roger Patterson calls for Jeremy Corbyn to be hanged like Saddam Hussein

A Conservative Party Councillor from Lincolnshire has been slammed after calling for the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn to be hanged like the former Iraqi...
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