A few days ago, a new documentary appeared on Netflix entitled ‘The Jihadis Next Door’. I saw it and thought: “boy that’s some good timing, propaganda in action”. But I do like to keep up on what both sides are saying, you can’t pretend to understand a situation if you only listen to one side of the argument, so I gave it a watch.

I immediately recognised it would be an effective catalyst and stir raw emotional reactions. It definitely showed extremist/militant Islam in Britain at its absolute worst.

It turned out that one of the men the documentary crew followed later became known as ‘Jihadi John‘ – the infamous killer from London, who savagely decapitated five western hostages and broadcast their murders over the internet. He was allegedly killed in a drone strike outside Raqqa in 2015.

As you can see in the advertisement for Channel 4, that particular detail was used to boost viewer ratings when it was originally broadcast on terrestrial television.

Lightning DOES strike the same spot twice

An unlikely coincidence, right?

Well skip forward to today. One of the other Jihadis featured – Khuram Shazad Butt – one of the same bunch followed about by the same crew, whose message of hate was made into a ‘marketable’ product and recently aired on frickin’ Netflix of all things? He was allegedly a perpetrator of Saturday’s terrorist attack in London. 

Indeed, Butt features prominently at many points in the film. He is not one of the most vocal, but is certainly one of the men shown openly praying before an ISIS flag in the middle of a London park. And then openly shown being detained/questioned by the London Metropolitan Police. It really defies belief.

In fact, one could reasonably argue that featuring in his own documentary likely played a significant role in feeding Butt’s hateful delusions of ‘grandeur’. Encouraged them even. He developed a taste for the spotlight, clearly.

So here’s the rundown… 

Let’s get this straight. In the last few weeks alone, we discover the Manchester bomber was known to MI5, and had been reported to authorities by countless members of the Muslim community. But apparently, he was still not “under investigation”. We’ve got members of the police force going on record, holding Theresa May directly responsible for these attacks, on account of brutal and irresponsible cuts she personally implemented. The armed forces too. We’ve got Amber Rudd silencing politicians who point out the UK government are all but effectively arming ISIS through insistence on arms dealing with Saudi Arabia – a factor now leaking to the MSM as well. (We beat them to it.) This detail really should make all other arguments redundant.

But now, it also turns out at least one of the London knife-men was not only known to UK security services, but had his own f**king star role in a TV show. The very same TV show that Jihadi John originally featured in?!?

The same TV show recently released on Netflix, you were likely to see just before the election no less.

Really, how do the Conservatives disguise all this sheer negligence, keeping Joe Public docile and believing they’re somehow the party of “strength and stability”?? Ooh… I dunno. Maybe the £3.8m of funding they’ve received, compared to the relatively paltry £300K-ish received by the Lib Dems and Labour. That might have something to do with it.

It’s amazing how many hearts and minds, campaigners and campaigns you can buy with that kind of money. You can even buy up the front/back page of every local newspaper in the land, and take over Facebook if you like. Pay off the people who really control our perceptions, and how we interpret all that happens in the world around us:

Cause and effect

Wake up Britain…wake up, before it’s too late.

Whatever conclusions you come to (and there’s a fair few possible) just please God recognise the whole thing STINKS. Stinks like an abattoir. At best, Tory incompetence and greed have directly facilitated these terrible, catastrophic situations. And at worst? Well, it doesn’t bear thinking about.

All I do know is that since 2015, this Tory government have destroyed our country. They have divided it in ways I didn’t even think possible, releasing a sense of ‘entitled bigotry’ back into ‘acceptable’ society that stifles the very air we breathe. They’ve made it acceptable to be an assh*le again. They’ve wrecked our health service, the school system, policing, the fire service, the arts, public services, social care. Crippled the poor and disabled, the elderly, used EU citizens as bargaining chips, lowered taxes for the rich, raised interest rates on students, denied a living minimum wage to desperate people on zero hours contracts; they’ve made us the laughing stock of the world. And all-the-while, dealing in death and destruction with dictators and sheer monsters abroad, propagating terrorism on these shores for generations to come.

Three terror attacks in almost as few weeks, all under Tory leadership. How “strong and stable” is that? Cause and effect, I would argue.

I might not know much, but I do know these Tories are pure evil. They would watch the world burn to make themselves richer. They are the cancer of this country, they will lead us to ruin, and they must be stopped.

Please Britain… please make the right choice. 

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