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Toby Young spoke alongside man who argued raping unconscious children is fine

Toby Young spoke alongside Nazi who argues raping unconscious children is fine

It is fast becoming clear that Toby Young’s controversialist career is far darker than first appeared, with Private Eye drawing attention to his attendance of a secret eugenics conference alongside white supremacists and advocates...

New CAA report shows conclusively that Tory voters are far more anti-Semitic than Labour...

New in-depth research shows that Labour voters, the young and Remain voters are the least anti-Semitic group in the country. And that conversely, Tory voters, Leavers voters and older people are much more anti-Semitic. The research...

Snooper’s Charter Becomes Law: Is Britain on the slow march towards a 1984-style neo-fascism?

In the month following the horrible murder of Jo Cox, around 50,000 tweets were sent celebrating her death and lauding her killer as a hero and patriot.  This quite neatly proved my hitherto untested...

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