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If Theresa May really cared about mental health problems, she’d reverse the Tory policies...

Prime Minster Theresa May launched her “shared society” vision for Britain on Monday (9th January 2017) and claims that a large part of the focus will be on “mental health problems” — particularly those...

Teenager desperately looking for work committed suicide after being threatened with sanctions by the...

A teenager committed suicide after Jobcentre staff threatened to sanction his Jobseeker's Allowance (JSA) - an inquest into his death has heard.This tragic death is the latest in an ever increasing amount of Department...

Leytonstone attack; the consequence of Tory cuts to mental health services

Earlier this month, people were horrified to hear of a potential ‘terrorist’ attack taking place at Leytonstone underground station. Reports suggest attacker Muhaydin Mire wielded a knife before uttering ‘this is for Syria’ and...

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