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May slams states that break global treaties, despite UK breaking global weapons treaty in Saudi Arabia deals

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Prime Minister Theresa May has slammed countries that are ‘deliberately flouting’ International Treaties such as the Paris Climate Accord and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty during a speech to the UN General Assembly today.

In her extraordinarily hypocritical statement, the Conservative leader seemed to aim barely concealed jibes at both the US President and the North Korean dictator Kim Jung Un for flouting international laws.

But Mrs May’s speech comes at the same time as her own Conservative government are brazenly flouting the International Arms Treaty by sanctioning billions of pounds worth of weapons to Saudi Arabia – a country accused of committing numerous counts of war crimes and International Human Rights violations in Yemen.

Hypocrisy at its finest

During the speech Theresa May cut the figure of a woman blissfully unaware of the violations carried out by her own government.

However, the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) clearly states that weapons must not be sold to a country if they ‘may use them in ways that breach international humanitarian law’.

By supplying weapons to Saudi Arabia, the Tories are unquestionably breaching this treaty.

There have been numerous accusations of war crimes leveled against the Saudi regime after reports of thousands of innocent Yemeni civilians losing their lives due to indiscriminate bombing.

There have also been reports that the munitions used to kill Yemeni civilians were British-made cluster bombs – weapons sold directly to the Saudi dictatorship by the current Tory administration. 

Saudi Arabia’s actions have led to the deaths of a huge number of innocent civilians in Yemen already, but the gruesome figures haven’t stopped the Tory-led government from continuing to sell weapons to the far-right Wahhabist Saudi dictatorship.

As a matter of fact, not only have the Tories not even contemplated ceasing sales, the amount of weapons sold to the Saudis has actually increased since their bombing campaign in Yemen began.

Speaking to Amnesty in 2016, Anna Macdonald, the Director of Control Arms said:

The UK and France were leaders in seeking to secure an ATT – and now they are … supplying Saudi Arabia with some of the deadliest weapons in the world. It’s truly sickening.


There is irrefutable evidence showing that these weapons are being used to target residential areas and civilian objects. Around 35,000 people have been killed or injured in less than a year already in this conflict and more than 2.5m people have lost their homes. Enough is enough.


Monday’s meeting in Geneva must not fiddle while Yemen burns – governments must address this major breach of the ATT. States supplying weapons to Saudi must stop making huge profits from the suffering of Yemeni families and start applying the strict criteria set down in the ATT to all future arms transfers.

Despite the huge amount of evidence that brazen human rights violations are being carried out by the Saudis it Yemen, it seems our Prime Minister has absolutely no issue with having the blood of innocent civilians on her hands as she callously and unflinchingly allows Britain to remain subservient suppliers of weapons to the brutal Saudi regime.

Meanwhile, Jeremy Corbyn will once again be on the right side of history after banning Saudi Arabia from attending the annual Labour conference because of their alleged war crimes in Yemen.

Since being elected Labour leader, Corbyn has been a harsh critic of the Saudi regime and, unlike Theresa May, he isn’t afraid to speak out against the clearly barbarous Saudi dictatorship.

Now that is what true leadership looks like.

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