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Tories illegally deported Afghan refugee on Taliban hit-list, then needed bulletproof car to save him

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A 23 year old Afghan refugee who the Tories illegally deported back to Afghanistan had to be rescued in a bulletproof Home Office vehicle after British judges overruled the government’s callous decision.

The victim, Samim Bigzad, was placed on the Taliban hitlist after they discovered him working for a construction company with links to the US and Afghan governments.

Bigzad, who has recently thanked British judges for ‘saving his life’, arrived in the UK as a refugee after his life was threatened by the Taliban.

The 23 year old Afghan was sent back to his homeland after the Tory-led Home Office repeatedly ignored High Court orders not to send him back, ruling that his life was not actually in danger and swiftly deporting him against his will back to Afghanistan.

It took 4 court orders before the Home Office finally complied and allowed him to return to the UK. They were given no choice but to grant him safe passage back to the UK or be accomplice in his inevitably grizzly death at the hands of the Taliban.

The Tories initially chose the latter. Seriously.

I’d rather trust a toddler to run the affairs of our country over the omnishambles that is the current Home Office.

A Terrifying Ordeal

After being returned to Kabul, Bigzad was told to remain in his hotel room in an attempt to keep him safe from the threat of the Taliban.

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Jamie Bell, Bigzad’s solicitor, said of the situation:

The aim of the secretary of state was to have Samim remain in Kabul whilst his legal matter remains ongoing. They said it was an urgent point of principle. After a four-hour hearing in which all issues were thoroughly examined, Lord Justice Floyd once more reaffirmed that Samim should be returned to the United Kingdom.

The entire point of this case was to clarify if Samim Bigzad was in need of asylum in the UK. The Home Office rashly decided to send him back to a country where his life was clearly in danger, against all legal warnings.

Bigzad himself questioned the competency of the Tories’ despicable actions, stating,

Officials sent a bulletproof car to take me from the hotel to the airbase yesterday. If they don’t think my life is in danger in Afghanistan, why did they tell me not to leave my hotel room and why did they transport me in a bulletproof car?”

Defying the Law

Martin Waspe, a Home Official, openly admitted that the government defied a Court Order instructing Bigzad be removed from a connecting flight in Istanbul. However, Waspe seemed more concerned about simply delaying the flight, rather than seeking Mr Bigzad’s safety and returning him to the UK.

Thankfully Samim is safely back in the UK now, but it seems as if this Tory government – an administration elected by the British public to both serve and *protect* –  is more concerned about its own image than showing any kind of logical human empathy.

Whyever people call the Tories the ‘nasty party’, I’ll never know…

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