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John McDonell Red Book Mao

McDonnell’s “flamboyant” Mao joke was actually a clever move

It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company. When is a joke not a joke? This isn’t the start of...

Will Corbyn’s leadership signal the death of Blue Labour?

Jeremy Corbyn’s election to Labour Party leader carried with it a change in the political landscape of Britain. An unprecedented shift from the 35...

The mainstream media has hijacked the English language for their own agenda. We need...

Terrorist sympathiser. Moderates. Old-Fashioned Politics: three phrases which, no doubt, you will have heard innumerable times during the past few months since Jeremy Corbyn...

What do the Tories and Britain First have in common?

Politics is an inherently divisive issue. Almost everybody has an opinion. It is fair to assume that practically every individual has at least one...

Labour leadership election: is this the end of ‘real’ democracy?

First reported in July 2015:According to reports in the Independent on Sunday, Labour MPs are already plotting to mount a coup should Jeremy Corbyn...

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