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Media silent over Lucy Allan fake death threat scandal

Yesterday EvolvePolitics followed up an under-reported story in the Daily Mail regarding Tory MP Lucy Allan who doctored an email from one of her...
Corbyn, Benn and Burnham

‘Revenge reshuffle’ is Corbyn’s only option to restore unity

The idea of a cabinet is for ministers to unite together under their leader’s direction to either create and implement policies, or, (as a...

Exposing the media bias; cry-bullies, double standards and doublespeak

Back in the late 70s, the bully was easy to pinpoint. As I edged around the playground, thumb in mouth, I would see him...

Calm yourselves Corbynistas! It was only a by-election!

With the Tories ravaging the UK with cuts, our country desperately needs something different. Corbyn’s new brand of politics is giving the new generation...

John McDonnell owns Gideon Osborne – J-Mac’s Thug Life

  Watch as the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell quotes from Mao’s little red book in the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn will be proved right on Syria – Diane Abbott

Hilary Benn Syria Bombing

Hilary Benn may well be a brilliant orator, but so was Hitler

 The vote on extending airstrikes into Syria brought tears to my eyes; tears that turned into bursts of anger and rage at the failure...

Will Corbyn be able to unite Labour’s ‘Broad Church’?

Given that all but 15 of the Conservative MPs have pledged their allegiance towards Mr Cameron's plan for Syria, and dozens of Labour MPs...

Why Corbyn’s decision to allow a free vote was the best possible move

Jeremy Corbyn has decided to allow a free vote on the bombing of ISIS in Syria. A man, who is so ardently against war,...

McTernan’s plan to oust Corbyn shows he’s nothing more than a Blairite pirate. A...

At last! John McTernan – Tony Blair's former director of political operations – has revealed his final solution for Jeremy Corbyn. A bona fide blueprint...