How close is the Trump campaign to the Russian government?

The New York Times has recently uncovered a worrying link between Paul Manafort, Trump's Campaign Manager, and Vladimir Putin. The new Ukrainian National Anti-Corruption...

Whilst introducing Trump, NYC Mayor during 9/11 forgets 9/11 actually happened

A Trump representative had claimed that before Obama took office there had not been "any successful radical Islamic terrorist attack in the United States." The...

Leave.EU exploits Orlando massacre in horrifying tweet. Quickly deletes it.

The Leave campaign today at least proved one thing to the world. There is something lower than a snake's backside, and it's the mental...

Social media has responded to the Orlando shootings in the best possible way

Today saw the worst mass shooting in recent US history as a lone gunman killed at least 50, and injured 53 at the Pulse...

Win or Lose: Bernie’s Journey Is Just The Beginning. Here’s Why.

The battle of ideas Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) has brought into the fray of mainstream politics for the first time in several decades has...

16% of Trump voters are white supremacists. Seriously.

A poll of South Carolinian potential voters has revealed some pretty deep insights in to how Republican citizens think. Public Policy Polling asked Republican voters...

Tears of joy and pain at Twitter’s #TrumpIsDisqualifiedParty

Tens of thousands of Twitter party-goers arrived in style ready to crack open the Mo√ęt and party hard on Tuesday. This was the cyber...

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