Richard Branson Jeremy Corbyn New Traingate Footage

Remember Traingate? Never before seen CCTV footage has emerged, and it proves Corbyn was...

Remember Traingate? Yes, it was last summer's must-read scoop in the red top rags. A story so apparently seismic that it actually has its...

Watch: David Cameron just faked an office background on his Easter message from Lanzarote,...

David Cameron is widely reported to be taking his Easter holidays away in Lanzarote this year, but this hasn't stopped him from delivering a...

Jeremy Corbyn’s latest video puts the Tories’ neglect of working families to shame

For many years we have been told that wealth trickles down from the rich. However, this has been proven cataclysmically wrong. If the idea...

Jess Phillips is wrong. Labour should not ‘do anything’ to get into power.

W hilst the rest of our media fawn over Jess Phillips' wildly misconstrued quote about knifing Corbyn in the front, not the back, I took...

John McDonnell owns Gideon Osborne – J-Mac’s Thug Life

  Watch as the Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell quotes from Mao’s little red book in the House of Commons.

Jeremy Corbyn will be proved right on Syria – Diane Abbott