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Vince Cable’s latest hilarious statement proves just how incredibly out of touch the Lib Dems really are



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Lib Dem leader and former Business Secretary, Vince Cable, came out with a particularly ridiculous statement during his interview with Andrew Marr yesterday – one that goes to show exactly how little pro-neoliberal politicians like himself truly understand about the real world.

Cable, in his renowned wisdom, honestly believes that it is ‘perfectly plausible’ he can become Prime Minister.


To be frank, I’d have more chance of winning the lottery without even bothering to buy a ticket – or even being alive for that matter.

Surprising Statements

The leader of the Lib Dems may only have 12 seats in parliament – that’s just 2 more than the DUP – but this hasn’t stopped the Lib Dem leader from pushing optimism to new and particularly worrying heights.

Cable made the claim after being asked if the party can transition from such a low level, to forming a majority.

He backed his statement up by insisting that, since the Tories are in turmoil and the Labour Party are supposedly undergoing a civil war, he and his party are the ‘alternative’ that the people truly need.

Nothing like ‘sensible centrism’ to really rally the crowds, eh Vince.

Alongside this, he proudly boasted of the Lib Dems’ “good track record in government” – something many victims of the astoundingly cruel trebling of tuition fees will surely dispute.

He also reasserted the fact that he is still a keen advocate of this current extortionate tuition fee system, one in which graduates are forced to repay their debt once they earn just £21K of more a year.

Cable’s interview said a great deal about just how incredibly out of touch the 74 year old is with public opinion.

The fact that Cable believes a below average £21k salary is enough for graduates to begin paying off their debts, along with his belief that the current tuition fees system has many ‘good elements,’ clearly proves that the Lib Dems as a party are still woefully out of touch with the wider electorate.

A few days ago, Cable reached a new level of absurdity, as he claimed that Labour were letting the youth down when it came to tuition fees and Europe, following the Tories’ blatantly untrue assertion that Corbyn had supposedly made ‘outrageous promises’ on student debt.


So, essentially, if for some bizarre, self-destructive reason you think that incredibly out of touch Tory-lite policies are really the way forward for Britain, Cable’s Lib Dems seem like a good choice.

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