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Latest Posts

BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg accused of lying about ‘change in Coronavirus science’ to protect the Tories

The Editor of one of the world's most prestigious medical journals has heaped criticism on the BBC's Laura Kuenssberg for distorting the truth regarding...

Boris Johnson accused of screwing over tens of thousands of small business owners across the UK

Boris Johnson has been accused of screwing over small business owners across the country after refusing to officially order them to close in light...

Lisa Nandy ‘launched coup against Jeremy Corbyn just 8 weeks after his 2015 leadership victory’

Labour leadership candidate Lisa Nandy launched a coup against the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn just eight weeks after he was handed an overwhelming mandate...

Petition To The Labour Party: Keir Starmer must release his FULL list of donors immediately

Labour leadership frontrunner Keir Starmer is refusing to be honest with Labour members about who is funding his campaign. The donations he’s declared amount to...

High street chain Wilko to cut sick pay for employees amid coronavirus outbreak

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to sweep through the country, high street chain Wilko have confirmed they are to scrap sick pay for their...
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