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If you can read this NHS Doctor’s heartbreaking words and still vote Tory, there’s something very, very wrong with you

In an utterly chilling account, an anonymous NHS Doctor has exposed the reality of what really goes on behind the scenes when Tory Prime...

Two Labour activists in their 70s have been attacked and left with broken bones in separate vicious assaults

Two Labour Party activists - both in their 70s - have been attacked and left with broken bones in two separate "vicious" assaults which...

Labour close polling gap with Tories to just 7 points, and see huge 9 point surge in Wales

The Labour Party have closed the polling gap between themselves and the Conservative Party to just seven points - with Jeremy Corbyn's party recording...

WATCH: BBC edits out Question Time audience laughing at Boris Johnson for their news clip [VIDEO]

The BBC has been slammed on social media and accused of 'blatant pro-Tory bias' after it emerged that they had edited out audience laughter...

BREAKING: Boris Johnson chickens out of live Channel Four debate with Jeremy Corbyn

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson appears to have channelled his inner-Theresa May after chickening out of a planned live TV debate on Channel Four...
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