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Latest Posts

BREAKING: Clive Lewis drops out of Labour leadership race

Clive Lewis has dropped out of the Labour leadership race after managing to gain just 5 of the required 22 nominations from his fellow...

Ed Miliband endorses Keir Starmer for Labour leader

The former Labour leader, Ed Miliband, has endorsed Keir Starmer to take over from Jeremy Corbyn at the helm of the party in the...

Tories side with rogue landlords after forcing Liverpool Council to ditch highly successful housing scheme

Boris Johnson's newly emboldened majority Conservative government has signalled its clear intent to support the interests of rogue landlords over the safety of private...

Labour Leadership Election 2020 Candidate Profile: Keir Starmer

Following December's disastrous election defeat, the Labour Party will be electing a new leader to replace the outgoing incumbent, Jeremy Corbyn. As part of...

Pro-Tory rag slammed after saying a Jewish Labour MP should be nicer to Nazis

The pro-Tory smear merchants, Guido Fawkes, have been slammed on social media after defending neo-Nazis and arguing that a Jewish Labour MP should be...
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