A German Neo-Nazi shot four police officers today, and the mainstream media are barely interested

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In the German city of Georgensgmünd four police officers have been gunned down by a neo-Nazi activist, attached to the Reichsbürger movement – an extreme right-wing organisation that considers the current German federal state to be illegitimate, and who demand a return to the pre-war borders of the Third Reich.

The Nuremberg Police Department have claimed that officers were in the process of exercising a warrant to search a man’s house for weapons that they believe were being illegally stored when he opened fire on those in attendance, before they even had the chance to knock on his door.

Johann Rast, the local Police Chief has said that:

He was hiding behind the door and shot through it. We are not sure how many shots were fired yet.

Officers returned fire and the wounded suspect was disarmed and detained. The police claim that their subsequent search of his house yielded a total of 30 firearms and other weapons.

One police officer has suffered life threatening injuries and is currently in a critical condition, while three of his colleagues have been treated for more superficial gunshot wounds.

The German Police have warned that neo-Nazis have become increasingly militarised and more than willing to employ violent means in response to Angela Merkel’s immigration policies.

Since the beginning of 2015 over 200 immigration centres in Germany have been attacked, firebombed, vandalised and even shot at, with little coverage outside of Germany.

While this latest story has received low-level coverage in the mainstream media it has not received the wall-to-wall level of coverage and analysis as it would undoubtedly have had if the gunman had been a Muslim, an immigrant, or anyone with brown skin.

I will leave to you to draw your own conclusions as to why this may be the case.

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