What is Evolve Politics?

Evolve Politics is a truly independent, shared equity media outlet, providing incisive news reporting and investigative journalism that highlights and exposes injustice, inequality and unfairness within UK politics, and throughout society in general.

Who owns Evolve Politics?

Evolve Politics is owned and managed by just two people, Tom D. Rogers (51%) and Jessica Miller (49%). Tom and Jess are partners in both business and life, and live in Cambridgeshire with their two cats. 

Tom D. Rogers

After finishing University, Tom worked in numerous jobs to survive, including as a cleaning supervisor at Asda, and an Admin Assistant in the NHS. Despite 1000s of applications to numerous organisations around the country, and despite possessing tenacious ability in a wide range of skills, Tom was never handed a genuine opportunity to progress.

In early 2015 – whilst working two jobs and studying for an NVQ in Business Administration – Tom gradually became chronically ill, eventually forcing him to give up his job and his studies. It was in this period that Tom co-founded Evolve as a means to express his disdain at the system that had failed him and countless others.

During the last 3 years, Tom has studied politics, economics, philosophy, psychology, and journalism, as well as teaching himself web-design, Photoshop, and video editing skills – all whilst suffering from a chronic illness that has left him essentially housebound.

Tom is a self-avowed Democratic Socialist, and is currently theorising policies relating to the radical democratisation and public shareholding of essential life/work services (such as water, housing, and all public transport), the benefits and practicability of radical direct democracy in a truly informed society, and how public democratic ownership/shareholding of essential life/work services can work in conjunction with the existence of private competitors to ensure equal satisfaction of humanities’ two essential traits: compassion and aspiration.

Jessica A. Miller

Jess is an English graduate whose first love has always been teaching. Prior to co-founding Evolve, Jess also worked in numerous menial jobs, such as in McDonalds, Primark, and as a cleaner.

After graduating from university, Jess briefly worked as a substitute teacher, and planned to go into teaching full time. However, it soon became clear that saving the £9,000 needed up front to study for her teaching PGCE would be impossible given our current low-wage, high cost society.

Given the constraints of Tom’s chronic illness, Jess was pivotal in establishing Evolve’s first steps, and her input has enabled the project to grow exponentially through relentless research, fact-checking, editing, and business administration.

In her spare time, Jess adores reading, looking at cats, and watching reruns of The Simpsons.

Why do Evolve Politics exist?

Over the past decade, social media has completely transformed the way people read news. With the vast majority of people now getting their news from Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, newspaper sales are in almost terminal decline and the old way of informing the public has been completely usurped by far more convenient digitally-based alternatives.

Over this same decade, the brutal fallout of the 2008 financial crash caused politics to be turned on its head both in the UK and throughout the world.

In Britain, this unprecedented socioeconomic upheaval led to the election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader in 2015, and saw a newly invigorated Labour Party, advocating hugely popular Democratic Socialist policies, secure its biggest election swing in over 70 years.

With Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party claiming 40% of the vote in 2017, it became clear there was a huge groundswell of support throughout the country for truly transformative politics. However, still to this day, supposedly left-wing progressive mainstream media outlets such as the The Guardian, The Independent and The Daily Mirror, have been incredibly slow to observe and adapt their reporting to reflect this palpably changing mood among the vast majority of their audience.

This failure of the mainstream media to cater for their audience has resulted in a massive rise in popularity for new left media outlets such as The Canary, Novara Media, The Skwawkbox, and, of course, ourselves, Evolve Politics.

Our content is entirely written, edited and published, not by privately-educated journalists, but by ordinary people with real-life experience of the subjects they report on.

Furthermore, Evolve will never be owned by a tax avoiding billionaire, or financially supported by huge corporations – meaning we are free to publish our work without constraint or censorship.

Evolve Politics will focus on breaking political news, ideas, and key developments, as well as cases of injustice, unfairness and inequality from across the UK, and the rest of the world.

Our Business Model

All Evolve’s staff – including our two Directors – receive the Real Living Wage, as proposed by the Living Wage Foundation, for their work.

On top of this, Evolve set aside 50% of their yearly profits into a bonus scheme to remunerate all staff further for the work they do.

Evolve also actively encourages all of our team to join the National Union of Journalists.