What is Evolve Politics?

Evolve is a truly independent, shared equity media outlet, providing incisive news reporting and investigative journalism that highlights and exposes injustice, inequality and unfairness within UK politics, and throughout society in general.

Why does Evolve Politics exist?

Nowadays, just a tiny number of people own the UK’s media, and the majority of all mainstream political coverage is projected with an increasingly obvious pro-Establishment narrative. Even formerly progressive media outlets such as The Guardian now display typically conservative stances on a whole host of political issues.

Informed consent is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and the UK’s commentariat should have one sole purpose: to hold the government of the day to account by providing the public with an accurate account of current events. We believe our media is failing us.

The public is desperately in need of a new-media revolution. One that promotes freedom, equality and fairness; a media that allows its writers to truly express their informed opinions from the perspective of their own lived experience. Evolve intends to be the true voice of the people – a media without corporate interests, financial backers or shareholders to please.

Evolve Politics will focus on breaking political news, ideas, and key developments, as well as cases of injustice, unfairness and inequality from across the UK, and the rest of the world.

How is Evolve Politics different?

Evolve is run in a completely different way to the mainstream media, from our unique pay-scheme that rewards all of our writers and truly encourages freedom of expression, right through to our core values and ethics. Evolve will always be truly independent, meaning, unlike the mainstream media, we will never change, censor, or spike a story because of a shareholder or a billionaire-owner’s vested interests.

Our Business Model

Around 20 freelance writers are each contributing daily articles to the site. In return for their work they are paid in two different ways:

Firstly, all writers receive a standard flat rate fee for each and every article they produce. This standard fee is derived from our monthly income from supporters. So for each new supporter who subscribes or donates to Evolve, all of our writers receive extra pay for their work.

As well as the flat-rate fee, every writer receives a top-up payment based directly on the amount of views their articles receive each month.

We believe that our writers should be rewarded fairly for their hard work and commitment, and the more support we receive from our readers, the better our team are rewarded. This way, everybody at Evolve wins or loses together.

Every decision that Evolve takes on pay distribution is decided through democratic vote. Our current pay scheme was voted through unanimously, and any future changes to pay must be approved by at least 75% of the team.

Evolve also actively encourages all of our team to join the National Union of Journalists.

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