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Another week, another lamentable intervention from cultural debaser & Daily Mail bigot-herder, Katie Hopkins.

You can picture breakfast time in the Hopkins’ household. Katie frantically, flicking through the newspapers, looking for stories of human misfortune and suffering, and then musing as to how she can put a racist, classist, or bigoted spin on them. What a sad life it must be to get paid on the strength of how much sub-human filth that you can churn out.

As you would expect following her comments this week about the tragedy at Camber Sands, there are the obligatory calls from liberal hand-wringers that – ‘this time she has gone too far.’ Unfortunately, too-far doesn’t exist in the dystopian world of Hopkins. Being a parasite on the back of misery is her entire raison d’être.

Hopkins puts crayon to paper for the right-wing comic, the Daily Mail, after leaving equally insidious, Sun, last year. Her free-reign at the Mail, coupled with a huge presence on social media, gives Hopkins a significant platform from which to fire her poisonous barbs; while at the same time crying about freedom of speech, censorship, and being denied a platform.

An appreciation of ‘irony’ is another basic that is sadly lacking in the already limited skill-set of Hopkins.

Hopkins – while suckling at the teet of controversy – feeds off her loyal groupies on social media. They are a phalanx of witless sycophants, neckbeards, self-declared libertarians, Dawkins fan-boys, sexist gamer bores, UKIP drones, and assorted box-room lurkers – who all believe that they are some kind of 21st century Voltaire; on an honourable quest to defend freedom of speech.

Throughout history, freedom of speech was used to challenge authority – be it the state or the church. Yet today, sh*tehawks like Hopkins and her acolytes, demand the right to say whatever they want, just so they can abuse minority groups.

Hopkins is not exactly what you would call a cerebral individual; more of a sub-par Edwina Currie, loaded on steroids. It doesn’t take long for her lilliputian intellect to manifest itself as crude stereotypes, sweeping generalisations, and dangerous disinformation. Her entire act are just clumsy ‘Arthur Mullardisms’ masquerading as insightful analysis.

The perfect example of her doltishness is her self-proclaimed hatred of geographical names for children; only for it to be pointed out to her that her own daughter is called ‘India.’ To which she replied – “Yes, but it is not related to a location.” I hate to break it to you Katie, but India most definitely is a location.

Predictable calls and petitions for her employers to sack her because of offensive stories are as preposterous as they are unrealistic. Her opinions – however malodorous – are the sole reason they employ a bottom-feeding soulless husk like Hopkins, in the first place. Hopkins is more likely to get a bonus than receive a P45.

I suspect that Hopkins does not believe most of the things she says or writes. She has arrived at the realisation that carving out such a ghoulish niche for herself has become a very lucrative meal-ticket.

While Hopkins may have come from a relatively comfortable background; her constant propagating the image that she is somehow part of the upper-class, is tiresome. She famously once claimed that she needed to assess the suitability of her children’s friends – based on the ‘class’ connotations of their names. If they had a ‘lower class’ name then she didn’t want her children to associate with them. The name ‘Katie Hopkins’ hardly conjures up images of Downton Abbey. So I am not quite sure why she struts around, behaving as though she is Lady Muck of Cow Shit Farm.

Prior to her appearance on the Apprentice and subsequent career as a professional gobsh*te, Hopkins completed training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst; but was unable to progress her career further as she was thrown out after it was discovered that she had omitted to declare a medical condition (epilepsy) when she initially joined-up. Full training at Sandhurst costs around £100,000 of tax-payer’s money – which Hopkins willfully and dishonestly wasted. Can you imagine the abhorrent ‘smell my fart’ column she would have penned about lazy “benefit scum” if someone had over-claimed a similar amount?

Hopkins work record is something to behold; she was sacked by the Armed Forces, sacked by the Meteorological Office, sacked by the digital channel TLC – despite claims on her website that her time there was a huge success – and sacked by the Exeter Express and Echo. Again, you can envision the contempt from Hopkins if she was to describe someone who is working class that had struggled to hold a regular job.

People will tell you to avoid and ignore bigots, as they will just disappear if you withhold the oxygen they crave. I never ignore a bigot, just as I wouldn’t ignore a hemorrhoid or a puss-filled boil on my genitals.

They don’t just disappear – as history shows us. Filth like Hopkins should be challenged and persona-non-grata, wherever they appear; whether in person or in print.

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