Thomas Wintle

Freelance journalist with special interest in Marxism, counterculture, geopolitics, and emerging social movements.

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Tory MP pictured hanging out with Hitler-loving, Holocaust-denying neo-Nazi at Brexit event

A newly elected Tory MP has attempted to defend herself after being pictured alongside two far-right activists - one of whom has praised Adolf...

WATCH: Jeremy Corbyn finally hits Boris Johnson with a brutal personal attack – and it was bang on the money [VIDEO]

The outgoing Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn launched a blistering personal attack on Boris Johnson during today's PMQs - highlighting the rank hypocrisy of the...

Here’s why Rebecca Long-Bailey is actually a safer choice for Labour leader than Keir Starmer

Everybody, even some of the most fanatical Brexiteers themselves, accept the fact that Britain's economy will be worse off under any form of Brexit....

Labour Leadership Election 2020 Candidate Profile: Rebecca Long-Bailey

The deadline for Labour MPs to secure enough nominations for the impending leadership election has long now passed, and after Jess Phillips pulled out...

Children of immigrants are now better at English than native English-speaking kids, new GCSE figures show

Incredible new government GCSE figures have revealed that the children of immigrants who do not speak English as their first language are now officially...
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