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We’ve just launched Evolve Politics TV! But now we need your help to build it.

Check out our EPTV Promo Video below!

Look at the absolute state of the country we live in right now.

We’ve got soaring energy bills, rising food prices, increasing rents and rocketing fuel prices – and not to mention yet another Council Tax hike, and a rise in National Insurance.

And all the while, wages have barely risen since the financial crash, Universal Credit has just been cut, and insecure work has become the norm.

It really is little wonder that poverty is rife, foodbank usage is through the roof, and rough sleeping is running rampant.

And if that wasn’t quite enough, the government is mired in political corruption, institutional cronyism rages on, and politicians shamelessly lie through their teeth to us on a regular basis.

Then we’ve got a media who refuse to challenge the broken system, and simply stoke up fear against immigrants and minorities in an attempt to distract and enrage.

And don’t forget the Climate Crisis, the Housing Crisis, the Mental Health Crisis, and the seemingly neverending NHS crisis.

And, for the love of God, nobody mention Brexit!

Everyone knows that things are pretty shit right now – and everyone can see that things are only getting worse.

Yet, our media refuses to explain why – and nobody is proposing any genuine solutions.

This is exactly why we’ve just launched Evolve Politics TV!

EPTV is a brand new political educational video channel, launched by Evolve Politics.

Our aim is to break down news and politics to make it easier for people to understand; to expose the causes of our current problems and propose viable solutions to them; and to give people hope that a better future genuinely is possible.

Our videos use facts, logic, and evidence-based arguments to analyse the crucial topics of the day, and to report the stories the mainstream media chooses to ignore, in a totally no-nonsense way, in order to give people the full picture.

The corporate media has completely failed us

Rather than being a voice for the people, the corporate media now exists purely to defend the interests of the rich and powerful, and to prop up the broken system that only they benefit from.

Owned by just a handful of billionaires, the mainstream media has essentially monopolised the means of communication, and it routinely commandeers the political narrative purely to suit its own agenda.

It has also become an intellectual husk; offering little more than intentionally ignorant reporting and farcical analysis designed to distract and dissuade – to convince the public that there is simply no alternative to the current system, and that the problems we face are effectively inevitable and unsolvable.

Meanwhile, ordinary people are suffering – and things are only getting worse.

We want to build something different – and far better

EPTV will be funded by ordinary people, to work in the interest of ordinary people, for the benefit of ordinary people.

And, what’s more, we want YOU to be our boss.

Everyone single person who funds EPTV will have an exclusive say in what we report and how we report it – because we want you to be an integral part of how our organisation functions, involved in every step of the way through this journey together.

So please, join our Patreon and become an EPTV Advisor today so we can create real change, together.

And don’t forget to subscribe to the channel on YouTube, and enable notifications so you don’t miss out on our first video – due to be launched around April 7th!

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