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BBC accused of ‘covering up’ Boris Johnson Remembrance Day gaffes by using 2016 footage

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The BBC have been accused of ‘covering up’ Boris Johnson’s extraordinary gaffes during yesterday’s Remembrance Day service at the Cenotaph – where he stepped out of line too early and laid his wreath upside down – by using footage from 2016 rather than from yesterday’s proceedings in their rolling news reports.

A tweet from Ava-Santina, a producer at LBC, revealed that the BBC have made the bizarre decision to use footage of Boris Johnson from three years ago to report on yesterday’s Remembrance Day service.

Ava-Santina tweeted:

“Slide One is Boris Johnson, yesterday, laying a wreath upside down on the Cenotaph”

“Slide Two is the footage BBC News are rolling with this morning – bizarrely, it’s from 2016.”

Accompanied with her tweet were two pictures: one from the BBC’s live broadcast of the event yesterday:

Boris Cenotaph 2019

And an image of the footage the BBC are using in their rolling news broadcasts this morning – which dates back to 2016:

And the LBC’s Producer’s claim was verified by BuzzFeed reporter Mark Di Stefano, who admitted that the BBC were indeed using old footage of Johnson in today’s news reports, but said there was “likely an innocent explanation“.

Another viral tweet also questioned why the BBC’s Breakfast programme were using the clip of Boris Johnson from 2016 to report yesterday’s proceedings:

Virtually all the responses to the tweets claimed that the BBC had made a concious decision to use old footage in order to cover up the Prime Minister’s gaffes.


In addition to his two major gaffes during yesterday’s Remembrance Day service, the Prime Minister was also widely criticised for appearing ‘disheveled’ and ‘scruffy’ .

Despite the media consistently criticising the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn for his appearance and actions at previous Remembrance Day services, there has yet to be widespread reporting in the UK press of Boris Johnson’s many faux pas yesterday.

The BBC have responded by saying their decision to use the 2016 footage was a “production mistake“.

However, many have already pointed out that the BBC would have needed to search through their archives to find the 2016 footage – making the excuse that it was simply a “mistake” highly implausible:

In addition to BBC Editors ‘mistakenly’ searching through their archives to use footage from 2016, they also appear to have overlooked the fact that the video also showed numerous politicians in attendance who have long since left their positions:

  • Theresa May – who is no longer PM
  • Angus Robertson – who is no longer the SNP Westminster leader
  • Tim Farron – who is no longer the Lib Dem leader
  • David Gauke – no longer a Cabinet Minister
  • Michael Fallon – no longer a Cabinet Minister
  • Amber Rudd – no longer a Cabinet Minister
  • Liam Fox – no longer a Cabinet Minister
  • Chris Grayling – no longer a Cabinet Minister

2016 Remembrance Day

Clearly an easy “mistake” to make.

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