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BBC’s Laura Kuenssberg exposed spreading OUTRIGHT LIE about Labour activist “punching” Tory advisor

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The BBC’s Chief Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg, has been caught out spreading an outright lie about a Labour activist supposedly ‘punching’ an advisor to Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock.

Earlier today, Boris Johnson was roundly criticised after grabbing a reporter’s phone off of him after being confronted with a shocking picture of a 4-year old boy with pneumonia who was forced to lie on the floor of Leeds General Hospital A&E for hours.

In an attempt to mitigate the damage of Johnson’s car crash interview, the Tory Health Secretary Matt Hancock was dispatched to the hospital to try and calm things down.

However, whilst leaving the hospital, Hancock – accompanied by several advisors – was greeted by Labour activists and protestors barracking him for the horrendous state of the NHS.

Hancock did not engage with the protestors, and entered his vehicle and sped off.

However, shortly after the Tory Health Secretary had left, the BBC’s Chief Political Editor, Laura Kuenssberg, tweeted that the incident had supposedly “turned nasty” and that one of the Labour activists had “punched Hancock’s advisor“:


Yet, immediately following Kuenssberg’s claim, some of the protestors at the scene stated on social media that her claim was an outright lie.

Kuenssberg responded by posting another tweet saying that, in reality, it wasn’t “entirely clear what happened“:

And just minutes later, a video emerged showing that the supposed “punch” was actually the Tory advisor literally walking into the outstretched arm of a protester:

Kuenssberg has since deleted her initial lie and posted the video which proves that no punch actually occurred:

As yet, no apology has been made by the BBC for spreading outright fake news.

Many have already poured scorn on both Kuenssberg and the BBC for failing to verify the details given to them by Tory Chiefs before reporting them.

In addition to Kuenssberg’s tweet, the fake news was also reported as a fact on the BBC News Channel and by ITV’s Robert Peston.

Peston Punch Tweet

Both Peston and Kuenssberg have now apologised for spreading the Tory lie.

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