BREAKING: Clive Lewis drops out of Labour leadership race

The Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to table a new motion on Monday calling on MPs to back a snap General Election, it can be confirmed.

Johnson has confirmed he will allow MPs more time to debate his Brexit Withdrawal Bill if they agree to a December 12th General Election.

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Under the conditions set out in the Fixed-term Parliaments Act (FTPA), two thirds of MPs are required to support a General Election for it to pass.

If agreed, the PM will allow Parliament to debate his Brexit deal until November 6th – at which point Parliament will be dissolved.

It has been rumoured that a substantial bulk of Labour MPs may refuse to vote in favour of any snap General Election.

Furthermore, whilst the SNP have repeatedly made clear they will back an election once a Brexit extension had been granted, it is currently unclear whether Lib Dem and Independent MPs will do likewise.

If the motion passes, it will be the first December General Election held in the UK for almost 110 years.

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