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BREAKING: Labour record highest polling score since the failed coup in September 2016

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Labour have recorded their highest polling score since the plot to topple leader Jeremy Corbyn failed in September 2016. The figure of 32% is also a bigger percentage than Labour attained at the last general election under former leader Ed Miliband.

The poll from ORB shows the Conservatives maintaining a healthy lead over Labour, but with the imminent release of their manifesto, the Labour camp is optimistic that they can build on their recent success and generate even more support off the back of hugely popular manifesto policies in time for polling day on June 8th.

Further polling indicates that a vast majority of the general public are in favour of Labour’s leaked manifesto commitments such as renationalising the railways and raising taxes on those earning over £80,000 a year.

Furthermore, a commitment made by Theresa May to allow a free vote on legalising fox hunting has gone down like a lead balloon with the general public, with 84% of the public wanting the blood sport to remain illegal.

Labour have just 4 weeks to make up a 14 point gap on the Conservatives, but having already eaten into the the Tories’ lead in the first two weeks of campaigning, the current trajectory shows that this election could be a lot closer than the mainstream media are predicting.

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