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Everyone agreed that Jeremy Corbyn trampled Theresa May at PMQs today… apart from the BBC

Jeremy Corbyn asked some tough questions today at PMQs today. Questions which sent Theresa May into a state of fluster, from which she seemed unable to form any coherent arguments. May’s complete lack of clarity over Brexit has become abundantly clear for all to see.

Corbyn attacked May over Brexit using a quote from the Conservative member for Rushcliffe-Kenneth Clarke to illustrate the mass confusion among of the Tory Party.

The reason that the pound keeps zooming south is that absolutely nobody has the faintest idea what exactly we are going to put in place

Corbyn strongly followed up on this:

This is a government that drew up no plans for Brexit, that now has no strategy for negotiating Brexit, and offers no clarity, no transparency, and no chance of scrutiny of the process for developing a strategy…

…The jobs, and income for millions of our people are at stake, the pound is plummeting, business is worrying, and the government has no answers…..

..The Prime Minster says she won’t give a running commentary, but isn’t it time the Government stopped running away from the looming threat to jobs, and businesses in this country, and the living standards of millions of people.

May responded as she had for the entire session of PMQs today – by providing absolutely no clarification on her positions, and showing no concern for the severity of the situation.

The media response was pretty unanimous – a Corbyn victory…

independant-headline-corbyn Even the Telegraph took a moment out from their usual Corbyn bashing.

Everyone it seems except the BBC…

Laura Kuenssberg apparently found it impossible to call a winner.

This is despite Kuenssburg literally saying that May doesn’t have the answers. Laura, she is the Prime Minister – it’s pretty vital for her to have at least some of the answers – that’s the whole point of PMQs.

BBC News also heavily edited Corbyn’s attack on May, and The Daily Politics read out viewer’s emails that mainly support the narrative that it was impossible to call a winner for today’s PMQ’s.

The Tories are currently in a state of turmoil, and they have absolutely no answers as to what will actually happen when Britain leaves the EU.

Over a dozen Conservative backbench MP’s are rebelling against May over her handling of Brexit, and are said to be planning on defecting to Labour. They believe that May is not allowing MPs and Lords any scrutiny over her Brexit plans and fear that this may result in a negative effect on trade when we finally leave the EU.

The split in Labour over the summer was well covered and vastly exaggerated by the media.

However when it is the Tory Party whose complete ineptitude is putting the future of the country at risk, the mainstream media, and in particular – the BBC, seem to turn a blind eye.

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